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670: The Boys S2E8 review: "What I Know"

669: The Boys S2E7 review: "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker"

668: The Boys S2E6 review: "The Bloody Doors Off"

667: The Boys S2E5 review: "We Gotta Go Now"

666: The Boys S2E3-4 review

663: The Boys S2E1-2 review: "The Big Ride" & "Proper Preparation and Planning"

Guest Panelist


580: Daredevil Rewind S3E12-13: "One Last Shot" & "A New Napkin"

575: Daredevil Rewind S3E11: "Reunion"

573: Daredevil Rewind S3E10: "Karen"

Football is Life

14: "Carol of the Bells" (S2E4)

9: "All Apologies" Rewatch (S1E9)