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  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello September 1, 2023
    82 "Strange New Worlds" S2 wrap-up panel

    With season 2 of “Strange New Worlds” in the rear-view mirror, Jason recorded a season overview on the Mothership. But so many people watched and enjoyed the season that we have brought back the Vulcan Hello season wrap-up panel, too!

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership September 1, 2023 “Strange New Worlds” season 2
    681 Do More Harm

    Arrange an assortment of home-cooked Vulcan appetizers and warm up your singing voices, because it’s time to discuss season two of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” This season took some big swings, and some of them didn’t quite connect—but a whole lot of them did.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello August 10, 2023
    81 "Hegemony" (SNW S2E10)

    We wrap up season two of “Strange New Worlds” with a discussion of canon breaking and why it’s okay, how we liked the season as a whole, and why the most Star Trek solution to a problem involving enemy alien monsters may be to try to understand them better. To be continued… eventually!

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello August 7, 2023
    80 "Subspace Rhapsody" (SNW S2E9)

    We’re so excited about this episode of “Strange New Worlds” that we’ve gotta sing! But we’re not going to dance very much. And Scott doesn’t sing. What we can do, though, is talk about Star Trek!

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 27, 2023
    79 "Under the Cloak of War" (SNW S2E8)

    War! Finally, we get (some of) the story about M’Benga and Chapel’s time during the Klingon war. There’s a “Deep Space Nine” level of darkness in this episode, but did it succeed at what it was trying to do? Or was it just a cup of cold replicated Raktajino?

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 24, 2023
    78 "Those Old Scientists" (SNW S2E7)

    Jason and Scott return, and sooner than expected, to cover the surprise release of the “Strange New Worlds”-“Lower Decks” crossover episode. It’s full of jokes, and references, and—what’s this?—unexpected emotional heft and character nuance! Plus more jokes! Grab an Orion cocktail and pull up a chair, there’s an ancient game of Dom-jot to be played!

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 23, 2023
    77 "Lost in Translation" (SNW S2E6)

    Scott is joined by his wife Marisa to discuss an episode in which creepy things are happening on the Enterprise… but only to Uhura.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 14, 2023
    76 "Charades" (SNW S2E5)

    We’re sorry, your podcast was damaged in transit and has been repaired in accordance with our warranty policy. Your regular hosts Scott and Jason were scanned and returned to you in their original condition. All extraneous instructions have been discarded. There is no need to reply to this message.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 7, 2023
    75 "Among the Lotus Eaters" (SNW S2E4)

    We can’t really remember what happened on this episode, but it made us FEEL GOOD. And feeling is the important part. Also, how long has this episode been going on? Hand me a helmet! I fly the ship!

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 29, 2023
    74 "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" (SNW S2E3)

    Captain Kirk is back—sort of—in this week’s La’an-focused “Strange New Worlds,” which takes viewers on a time-travel ride reminiscent of some of Star Trek’s best movies and episodes. Does it deliver top-notch Trek vibes? We think so.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 22, 2023
    73 "Ad Astra Per Aspera" (SNW S2E2)

    It’s time for a courtroom drama—and the career and life of Una hang in the balance! We discuss Star Trek courtroom dramas, how modern Trek undermines the utopian vision of Gene Roddenberry and makes something even better out of it, and then we enter a Spoiler Closet that’s not particularly spoilery but does involve us trying to make sense of Star Trek economics.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 15, 2023
    72 "The Broken Circle" (SNW S2E1)

    Scott and Jason are back for another season of “Strange New Worlds,” but what’s this? Captain Pike and Number One sidelined? Carol Kane inviting starship theft? A potent injection of punchy-punchy juice? This was an episode that defied our expectations, for sure.

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership July 29, 2022 Star Trek three-series season wrap
    625 Frisky Vulcans

    Thirty-three episodes of new live-action “Star Trek” have now concluded, and we’re going to talk about all of it. We bring some tough love for “Discovery” and “Picard”, which disappointed us. But all is not lost—there’s a lot of unabashed love for “Strange New Worlds.”

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello July 7, 2022
    60 "A Quality of Mercy" (SNW S1E10)

    So it’s come to this. It’s our last weekly podcast for a while, as “Strange New Worlds” wraps its season with an explosive-yet-contemplative look at Captain Pike’s fate and how he chooses to deal with it. We also discuss why the first season of “Strange New Worlds” has been successful and whether Trek should be embracing the past, trying new things, or if there’s a middle ground.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 30, 2022
    59 "All Those Who Wander" (SNW S1E9)

    The penultimate episode of “Strange New Worlds” season one is here, and it brings horrors and character development in equal measure! Join us for some classic Hemmer-Uhura bonding, Spock getting in touch with his human side, and a few characters who may not make it out of the episode alive.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 23, 2022
    58 "The Elysian Kingdom" (SNW S1E8)

    This week the Enterprise becomes a fairy tale, but there’s a surprisingly bittersweet ending. What’s in that nebula? Which Enterprise crew member is an elf from Lord of the Rings (easy one) and which one is Arrow (tougher one)? Also we assign you a good “Deep Space Nine” episode and Jason tries to trick people into watching a bad one.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 16, 2022
    57 "The Serene Squall" (SNW S1E7)

    Arr, matey! Jason and Scott are here to talk about pirates, references to three different not-good Star Trek feature films, an intriguing guest star, Chapel and T’Pring, mining Spock’s inner conflict, and the ol’ Mutiny Ploy. Shiver me space timbers!

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 9, 2022
    56 "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach" (SNW S1E6)

    Pike is back in the spotlight and Scott welcomes replacement cohost David Loehr to break it all down.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello June 2, 2022
    55 "Spock Amok" (SNW S1E5)

    This week it’s time for a little hijinks, as “Strange New Worlds” treads on classic Trek canon in the service of comedy, but not without keeping an eye on character development. We’re joined by cartoonist and writer Thom Zahler to break down an episode that shows the newest Star Trek show hitting on all cylinders.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello May 26, 2022
    54 "Memento Mori" (SNW S1E4)

    We really liked this week’s “Strange New Worlds,” and we talk about it, but we also wonder if this show’s plots are a little overstuffed. Is the show finding its footing or leaning too heavily on old references? Discuss among yourselves—or just listen to us discuss it.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello May 19, 2022
    53 "Ghosts of Illyria" (SNW S1E3)

    With Pike and Spock trapped on a planet hiding from ghosts(!), Number One has to deal with a crisis aboard the Enterprise that will lead her to reveal some very personal information about herself. We discuss it all, including other things you might want to hide in a transporter buffer.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello May 12, 2022
    52 "Children of the Comet" (SNW S1E2)

    This week’s “Strange New Worlds” focuses on Uhura, and also there’s a comet that’s not quite what it appears to be, a ship full of comet-worshippers, and a glowing egg that should be sung to—but not touched! We break it all down.

  • Vulcan Hello cover art
    Vulcan Hello May 5, 2022
    51 "Farewell" (Picard S2E10) and "Strange New Worlds" (S1E1)

    Two Treks, one podcast! We discuss the (disappointing) finale of “Star Trek: Picard” season two, and then (at 24 minutes) shift gears to discuss the eponymous pilot episode of “Strange New Worlds,” which fills us with enthusiasm for the future of Star Trek. Also: Jason mentions Law & Order and has a gruesome pitch for season three of “Picard.” Hit it!