Pod4Ham is a podcast that’s all about the musical “Hamilton.” Every episode features different groups of interesting people talking about a single track from the Original Broadway Cast Recording. In 2016 we covered every single track, week by week!


Disney+ Descriptive Audio

Good TV and film productions offer a descriptive audio track. The Disney+ version of “Hamilton” has one, but it doesn’t want to step on the dialogue, so it’s extremely limited. Our Kathy Campbell has created a more descriptive descriptive audio track, so if you want some insight about what’s happening on screen during “Hamilton,” you can play this audio track back while playing the film.

Kathy Campbell

Download file (71 M)

Previous Episodes


It’s Only a Matter of Time

What comes next?

David J. Loehr with Elsa S. Henry, Deborah Stanish and Michael B. Johnson


Now I’m the Villain in Your History

Hamilton and Burr duel to the death.

Monty Ashley with Andy Ihnatko and Casey Barber


This Meeting’s at Dawn

Eliza asks Alexander to come back to bed, but he’s too busy writing a goodbye letter in the event he is killed in his duel with Aaron Burr.

Jason Snell with Rachel Donner, Aleen Simms and David J. Loehr


Weehawken, Dawn. Guns Drawn.

Hamilton refuses to apologize for not endorsing Burr. The two agree to meet for a duel.

Lex Friedman with David J. Loehr, Shannon Sudderth and David Sparks


Jefferson Has Beliefs, Burr Has None

It’s time for the election of 1800, in which Thomas Jefferson faces off against Aaron Burr—and Hamilton has to choose who to endorse.

Chip Sudderth with Elsa S. Henry, Kathleen Schowalter, Scott Knaster and Alyssa Franke


The Unimaginable

Alexander and Eliza cope with the death of their son. (Get out the tissues.)

David J. Loehr with Travis Bedard, Shannon Sudderth and Paul Smith


I Did Exactly As You Said

Philip Hamilton is grievously wounded and is near death.

Monty Ashley with Elsa S. Henry and Emily Nahmanson


See You on the Dueling Grounds

Philip Hamilton challenges one of his father’s detractors to a duel, and Alexander gives him advice and support.

Chip Sudderth with Rachel Donner, Monty Ashley and Casey Barber


I’m Erasing Myself from the Narrative

In the wake of the Reynolds Pamphlet, Eliza ponders Alexander’s betrayal and burns their letters.

Andy Ihnatko with Elsa S. Henry, Shannon Sudderth and Aleen Simms


Consulting the Hamiltome

A bonus discussion from the middle of the recording of our “Reynolds Pamphlet” episode.

David J. Loehr with , Jaleh Fazelian, Deborah Stanish and Shannon Sudderth

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