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Insert Star Wars Teaser Reaction Here

From an evil idea by Antony Johnston, assembled by Iain MacKinnon, here’s the “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” teaser trailer analysis we didn’t record but that the world clearly needs. Warning: The length of this episode will shock you.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren and John Siracusa

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Group Marriage

Ghost directors and odd theories.

Jason Snell with Dr. Drang, Philip Michaels, Erika Ensign, David J. Loehr, Monty Ashley and Steve Lutz


RPGs, please

Scott and Stuart discuss various roleplaying games like the nerds they are.

Scott McNulty with Stuart Wellington


Hello, Bonus Track!

Nonsense from during and after episode 300.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Lisa Schmeiser, David J. Loehr, Glenn Fleishman, Scott McNulty, Erika Ensign, Chip Sudderth, Monty Ashley and Andy Ihnatko


Is the Baby Ohm Alive?

In this super-extended Bonus Track, we discuss the differences between subs and dubs, try to spot a “Space Battleship Yamato” reference, and look on in horror/amusement as Steve and John debate a handful of frames that determine the fate of a baby Ohm.

Baby Ohm GIF

Jason Snell with John Siracusa, Steve Lutz, Aleen Simms and Erika Ensign


Dere He Is!

Steve really wants us to watch “Cool Cat Saves the Kids” next.

Jason Snell with Glenn Fleishman, Steve Lutz, Brian Hamilton and David J. Loehr


Editing Adventure!

If you thought the original episode was full of wandering around aimlessly, just listen to what we cut out.

Tony Sindelar with Monty Ashley, Steve Lutz, David J. Loehr, Glenn Fleishman, Brian Hamilton, Dan Moren, Jason Snell and Scott McNulty


Batman Is NOT the World’s Great Detective!

Monty Ashley wages a garbled battle against Batman being the world’s greatest detective, Glenn recounts an instance of his ratiocination (Holmsing), an Abominable Bride impossible situation (no spoilers), and Holmes-like detectives, who are legion.

Glenn Fleishman with David J. Loehr, Monty Ashley and Shannon Sudderth


Ziggy Played Guitar

An impromptu David Bowie sing-along during a recording failure back in July 2015.

Steve Lutz and Philip Michaels with Chip Sudderth and Lisa Schmeiser


Last Christmas

Discussion of the 2014 “Doctor Who” Christmas special one year on, plus a bunch of other “Doctor Who”-related outtakes from Glenn’s shockingly prolific Head Canon.

Jason Snell with Glenn Fleishman, Erika Ensign, Steven Schapansky and David J. Loehr


Who is Anne Pancakes?!

Outtakes from the fake award show. Total nonsense.

Dan Sturm and Joe Rosensteel

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