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Law of Diminishing Ninja Returns

We convene a panel of superhero TV experts to recap the past year’s superhero series, including “Arrow”, “The Flash”, “Gotham”, “Agents of SHIELD”, “Agent Carter”, “Daredevil”, “Supergirl”, “Legends of Tomorrow”, and “Jessica Jones.”

(If you’re a complete spoiler-phobe, you may want to avoid some of these segments, though there is probably not a single character death or other twist that couldn’t be reversed at any point…)

Jason Snell with Monty Ashley, Lisa Schmeiser, Tony Sindelar, Philip Mozolak and Dan Moren

TeeVee 128

Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 9-13

Join us as we talk about the final five episodes of the first season of Jessica Jones! Killgrave takes over, the pacing gets weird and all hope seems lost.

Aleen Simms with Justin Michael, Mikah Sargent and Lisa Schmeiser

TeeVee 125

Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 5-8

We’re here to talk about episodes 5-8 of Netflix’s “Jessica Jones”! We discuss the depth and breadth of Killgrave’s powers (and creepiness), talk about foiled kidnapping attempts, and speculate as to why Jeri and Wendy don’t have a prenuptial agreement.

Aleen Simms with Lisa Schmeiser, Mikah Sargent and Justin Michael

TeeVee 120

Jessica Jones Rewind: Episodes 1-4

Our (large) panel is here to talk about the first four episodes of Netflix’s “Jessica Jones”! We discuss how it’s going so far, the show’s representation of women, Kilgrave’s name (how obvious!), and the sex scenes. Oh, the sex scenes.

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Aleen Simms with Lisa Schmeiser, Mikah Sargent, Jason Snell and Justin Michael