Biff! #3 June 11, 2019
Agents of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 4

Agents of SHIELD S6E4: “Code Yellow”

We’re disrupting podcasts and actualizing our visions this week, as we take on the latest installment of Marvel’s AGENTS of SHIELD. Important topics include executive producers casting themselves, why you should never confess your love for another characters, and how to veer off formula but still succeed. Also, we introduce a new recurring feature: Biff of the Week.

In our Superhero Sweep segment, we touch briefly upon the trailer for Jessica Jones season 3, the kerfuffle around DC Universe’s quickly cancelled Swamp Thing, and why none of us is particularly eager for Dark Phoenix. Then, in our Letters Page, we envision what DC shows we’d like to see on the CW five years from now.

And remember, our shirts are still on sale.

Agents of SHIELD, Season 6, Episode 4

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