Hit the Rat!

Our new adventurers are about to face their first combat situation, as a group of giant rats attack the party. Who will survive unscathed and who will be bathed in their own blood?

Adventurers being attacked by rats.

Tony Sindelar with Adina Hurley, Liz Myles, James Thomson, Tiffany Arment, Myke Hurley and Jason Snell

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The Best Adventures Start With Lies

Our adventurers visit a mansion to receive an assignment, participate in a team-building exercise, and climb down a rope into a subterranean gulf of darkness.

Adventurers knocking at a mansion door.

Tony Sindelar with Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley, James Thomson, Liz Myles, Tiffany Arment and Jason Snell

Oakhurst & Beyond

We begin a new TPK season with an almost entirely new collection of players! In the small town of Oakhurst, many adventurers are gathering. Is there trouble on the horizon? Probably! Does the town’s local newspaper have a surprisingly broad circulation? Seemingly! Does that demon lady really think her weasel is a fox? Possibly! Step inside the tavern and get ready for some Dragonborn rock and roll.

A meeting in a tavern.

Tony Sindelar with Jason Snell, James Thomson, Liz Myles, Myke Hurley, Adina Hurley and Tiffany Arment

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