TeeVee #582 October 18, 2019

Short Treks #6 Review: “The Trouble With Edward”

Vulcan Hello returns to discuss Tribbles, uniforms, retcons, hiding bad offices in Starfleet, and Death By Tribble. It’s all about “The Trouble With Edward” and why we’re happy the new Star Trek office is taking risks and doing things like silly comedy shorts.

Apologies for some drop-outs in Jason’s audio in this episode. Also, we’ll soon be leaving TeeVee to be our own podcast covering all the new Trek due in 2020. Subscribers to the TeeVee Star Trek Discovery feed will be taken care of. If you’re just subscribed to the main TeeVee feed, you’ll need to resubscribe to follow us. Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts or via RSS.

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