Sorkin' In It

Hosted by Lex Friedman and Brian Warren

Brian and Lex may not have Sorkin’s characters’ quick wit and complicated sentence structure, but they do have an appreciation for most things Sorkin. In season one of the podcast, they review every movie Sorkin ever wrote. Season two goes episode by episode through The Newsroom.

Latest Episode: February 23, 2024

2.24 Oh Shenandoah (The Newsroom S3E5)

In this penultimate episode of this season of Sorkin’ In It, Lex and Brian cover what is possibly the least-beloved work of Aaron Sorkin’s career; and we’ll come right out and say that it earns every bit of that terrible reputation. Will is in jail, Maggie and Jim are in Russia, and Charlie’s getting worked up trying to hold it all together. Spoiler: It ends poorly. But we keep our chins up and find that we still enjoy getting to talk about it… even if some of our focus is on how not good it is.

Previous Episodes

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    February 15, 2024
    2.23 Contempt (The Newsroom S3E4)

    Subpoenas. Rushed (but beautiful) weddings. Courtrooms. Handcuffs.┬áIt’s an overstuffed Newsroom, and boy does Jim disappoint us. Almost as much as he disappoints Hallie. Meanwhile, Mackenzie and The Source get soaked, and ACN gets acquired. Brian and Lex get… kind of frustrated.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    February 9, 2024
    2.22 Main Justice (The Newsroom S3E3)

    Richard/Toby sees no cause for optimism, but Brian and Lex do: They’re here covering season three, episode three of The Newsroom: Main Justice. We’re at the White House Correspondence dinner, and so is BJ Novak, who is so ridiculous. And we meet the source! Oh, and the steady downfall of Jim (and perhaps Jim and Hallie) continues. No matter what, though, our obligation (and yours) is to keep Sorkin’ In It.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    February 2, 2024
    2.21 Run (The Newsroom S3E2)

    In this week’s episode Brian briefly forgets the entire concept of the written word and how TV works. We forge ahead, undaunted by any single hosts unhinged intro, and cover Newsroom S3E2, called “Run.” We meet a few new characters and see familiar faces while the network is faces a takeover, Maggie scores a new lead, and Neal is definitely in trouble. Which we mostly don’t care about.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    January 26, 2024
    2.20 Boston (The Newsroom S3E1)

    It’s the premiere of the final (short) season of The Newsroom, and Brian and Lex are watching. Sadly, the Genoa storyline is STILL sticking around — this time affecting the team’s reporting on the Boston Marathon bombing. Plus Neal gets a Genoa of his own. (Where by “Genoa,” we mean, “storyline we wish would go away.”) With all that said, you might think this is a lousy episode, but we actually… like it? And this episode just might bode well for the final season of the TV show!

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    January 19, 2024
    2.19 Election Night, Part II (The Newsroom S2E9)

    Brian and Lex agree that this season finale feels like it was potentially a series finale, maybe written before Sorkin knew he had one more season of The Newsroom to go. Mac and Will walk off the set, Jim worries about a mistake he made, and Maggie remains alive. Oh, and spoiler alert: Obama wins. Add to that love is in the air with MANY of our characters, and you just know you’re gonna love Sorkin’ In It.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    January 10, 2024
    2.18 Election Night, Part I (The Newsroom S2E8)

    It’s election night, in 2012, and the team has decided to resign, but what’s this? The head of the network won’t let them? This and much more coming up in the first of a two-part collection of episodes to round out Season 2 of The Newsroom.

    “Hey Lex, do you think we should resign, too?” “No way, Brian, we’re going to keep Sorkin in it!”

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    January 4, 2024
    2.17 Red Team III (The Newsroom S2E7)

    We won’t retract a single word of this podcast episode, but the same can’t be said for the team at News Night. The Genoa report blows up in their faces, with nary a whiff of chemical weapons in sight. Who’s resigning? Who’s in trouble? Who’s Sorkin’ in it? We definitely know the answer to that last one.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    December 20, 2023
    2.16 One Step Too Many (The Newsroom S2E6)

    Jerry Dantana starts playing fast and loose with reality. Will makes a guest appearance on a morning show. And Jim gets a visit from Hallie… and his old nemesis. Oh, and Maggie’s drinking alone. At least Brian and Lex have each other!

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    December 14, 2023
    2.15 News Night with Will McAvoy (The Newsroom S2E5)

    Will’s dodging calls from his dad. Sloan’s private photos are on the Internet. Jim’s worried about Maggie. Plus, there’s news to report. Can the staff of News Night keep their heads above water? One thing is certain: They will — with a little help from Brian and Lex — find a way to keep Sorkin’ In It.

  • Sorkin' In It cover art
    December 5, 2023
    2.14 Unintended Consequences (The Newsroom S2E4)

    Unintended consequences abound in this episode of The Newsroom, and Brian and Lex have much to abudiate. People act like babies, we can’t quite figure out the installed apps on Jim’s Mac, and we debate who’s at fault for what happened in Uganda. One intended consequence of listening to this episode is clear: We will delight you as you join us for this week’s episode of Sorkin’ In It.

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