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  • Agents of SMOOCH cover art
    Agents of SMOOCH October 27, 2023 The Terminator
    104 She's the Legend

    This week’s mission is all about time travel, romance, and saving the human race from destruction by our robot overlords. As we continue our Romance in Action series we chose a classic favourite: 1984’s The Terminator. We are going to talk about the tension, the murder, the time travel, and the naked men. But we are going to focus on Sarah Connor and how great she is as a character and her epic romance story. Come with us if you want to live!

  • Defocused cover art
    Defocused May 6, 2018 The Terminator
    192 Grow a Meat-Sleeve

    Be the naked guy you want to see at Griffith Observatory.

  • Myke at the Movies cover art
    Myke at the Movies March 22, 2017
    18 "The Terminator"

    Myke and Jason travel back in time to 1984 for “The Terminator.”

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership October 25, 2014 “The Terminator.”
    217 Weird Reverse Hidden Charisma

    Come with us if you want to live! It’s time for our re-watch of 1984’s classic sci-fi/horror/monster/car chase movie “The Terminator.” It’s a film that offers a fine distillation of everything ’80s, from Linda Hamilton’s Guess jeans to the pulsating Casio keyboard soundtrack. How do Kyle Reese’s stolen pants remind him of home? And whatever you do, keep an eye out for a gigantic Austrian!