Voyager Revisited #21 January 8, 2021
Revulsion, Season 4, Episode 5

Organics Are So Revolting

Shelly Brisbin is the latest guest. She’s a fan of B’Elanna Torres and The Doctor, so we chose Revulsion (S4E5) for our homework.

The story of the lonely hologram, stranded on a ship by himself, is one of the best Voyager episodes, with Torres and The Doctor forming an away team to help repair both the ship and the holographic matrix. But something is wrong, which leads to a tense and fascinating story. Guest star Leland Orser is one of the best in the Voyager series, with a creepy performance as the “isomorph” Dejaren, who resists The Doctor’s optimistic attitude towards humans.

This episode is also known for Seven of Nine’s matter-of-fact rebuff of Harry Kim’s attempts to woo her as they begin work on the new astrometrics lab, and if you are a fan of Tom + B’Elanna, there’s a key moment in their newly-acknowledged attraction for each other.

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