Voyager Revisited #6 May 31, 2019
Voyager Revisited - Endgame (Series Finale)

The Other Endgame

On our previous episode, guest Kathy Campbell came on to discuss the pilot of Voyager, “Caretaker.” On this episode, Guy English is here to discuss the finale, “Endgame.” Guy was recently a panelist on The Incomparable’s episode about what makes a good (or bad) TV series ending. Turns out, we both like the Voyager finale better than we remembered.

(Spoiler alert: all our episodes have spoilers, but Endgame is double trouble. You have been warned.)

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Show Notes

Biff, a new podcast on The Incomparable: “Dan Moren, John Moltz, and Guy English discuss superhero TV shows and movies in the inimitable style that their loyal readers have come to love.”

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