The Potty Pundit

Get Gareth-Edwardsed rather than Lord-and-Millered


The Driest Leather Fish

A very claritive movie.


What’s New With Their Trash Can

A creamy anomaly.


Any Victory in a Storm

This is only good if you’ve seen it before you had any taste


Rainbow Cardigan Envy

Your Chevys May Chase


Leave the Criticism, Take the Cannoli

A “Buy One, Get Four Free” Refreshe Situation


Expert Flop Flipper Dan Sturm

Sad, depressing meat pucks.

No movie this week.


Coke, Feet, and Blood Squibs

On this historic episode, we’re joined, for the first time, by two special guests: Merlin Mann and Todd Vaziri!

The bar is in the globe.


The Holy Grail EULA

The seagulls in Spain are mostly on the plane.


Rube Goldberg Fight in a Goofy Room

Joe sold his record player for a gold comb and Dan sold his hair for a record.


And Now You’re Surprised!

The story you can get literally anywhere else.

We’re joined by special guest Seth Worley to discuss Raiders of the Lost Ark!


The Law Firm of Keaton, Turner, and Hooch

Can you put gelato on a stick?


Always the Toddsmaid, Never the Todd

The death of civilization can be tied to the jog wheel.


Abe Sapien: The Sausage King of The Ocean

The Devil needs to see my abs.


Dead People and Unanswered Questions

I’m not scared of anything, fight me!


Be Your Own Emma Stone

Dan’s 3-point meatball sub plan.


A Little Extra Dough

Would that it were so simple to fluster Joe.


The Department of Tasty Pies

Partial sog.


One is the Loneliest Schwartz

What kind of crust do you think Pizza the Hutt was?


Resting Dredd Face

It’s Die Hard in a building.


Rob Schneider is a Corn Muffin

Don’t Put Your Excitement Knob on Your Forehead


Brothers in Mullet

Jean-Claude Van Damme does basically the same fighting stuff.


A Real Mike Daisey of a Story

For every cat you see, there are a thousand you don’t.


Twitter’s Our Game Show

The Defocused Shirt

The Defocused Podcast

We Need a Moist Raisin!

This episode begins with a very special announcement from your hosts.


Defocused: 2016 Year in Review

Defocused Awards Gif

Starring: Dan Sturm

Edited, Produced, and Directed by: Joe Rosensteel


The Weather Outside is Frightful, but the Luggage is So Delightful

I don’t want to spoil it for you, but there’s a bad guy.


Shop Local Moisture

The address is 1234 Jedha St, Jedha City, Jedha Planet.


Kevin McAllister’s Tape-Based Interfaces

What is the deal with this family?


Worth His Weight in Goldthwait

Is this your first day, potato?


I’ve Always Appreciated The American Van

Can I have sour cream on my burrito?

With returning Special Guest Anže Tomić!


Check Me Out on Instagram at @DansSucculents

As the Barefoot Contessa would say.


The Einsteinium Research Podcast

Hello, I am an Important Person. Come To My Small Office Now.


Arizona by the Sea

A lot of follow-up and a little bit of movie.


The Transitive Property of Dan

Imagine having chocolate milk and then you’re drunk.


The World is Your Dog Head

Here, put your arms inside of this hydraulic maw.


A Chex Mix of Bad

Wake me up when we get to the meat-packing scene.

‘Predator 2’ (1990)


There’s no “R” in Choppa

The Predator is a Space Snowbird.


The Latin Root of Gross

Never trust a company man in a wool blazer with a popped collar.


This Hat Can Be My Wingman

My helmet could have a big picture of a waffle on it.


Almost Exclusively Glazed

iPhones, donuts, and cereal.


E Pluribus Aquam

Dennis Leary lives underground and eats rat burgers.

Demolition Man (1993)


Cathedral Software is a Fish

It’s always beige in Malibu.

‘The Net’ (1995)


It’s Beach Season For Your Jaw

Don’t go to Venice.


Secondhand Haze

There was already a Dent in the car.

‘Beverly Hills Cop II’ (1987)


How Many Breakfast Clubs are you a Member of?

Chicken Salad Chicken Salad, Salad that is Chicken.



When was the last time you backfocused your podcast?


Everything is a Mantel and a Gun

Got a nail in your warp nacelles?

‘Star Trek Beyond’ (2016)


Jiminy Tiberius Christmas

Ohana means #family.

Dan and Joe are less than enthusiastic about Star Trek Into Darkness.


The Definitive Guide to Winging it

The new Vulcan colony is in Flavor Town.


He Only Has Eisenbergs for Sean Parker

Just give me two Armie Hammers, that’s all I want.

We talk about Dan’s favorite film The Social Network (2010).


Cerulean MacBook

Remember when people read Harry Potter?

Dan and Joe discuss ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ on it’s 10th anniversary.


The Emotional Percentage Bar

You don’t want to update your devices right before your keynote speech.


Take a Look, it’s in a Bush, Dole Whip Rainbow

MacStories Ran an Article.


It’s About Friendship … and Cuban Bread

We discuss all previous episodes of this podcast. Tune in for some nonsense.

Archive | Defocused


The Allen Wrench of Osiris

Follow your turn-by-turn directions to Egypt. Or don’t because this movie is terrible.

‘The Mummy Returns’ (2001)

The Mummy Returns (2001) - IMDb


Shading Rate


Look I So Lolcats To Young Eyes?

Where is the Vice Pharaoh during all this?


A Trunk Full of Captain America Juice

It was all just a big misunderstanding.



Does it get Food Network and Afternoon Divorce Court?


It’s not Big-Game Shaped

You don’t want to know how the sausage is made.


Make Sandford Great Again

You can’t just lure monkeys into ice cream.


The Wingmander

Watch as a movie steers into the skid of insufferability.


Steak and Eggs and Exposition

🎶 I’ve got a lighter on a string, sitting on a rainbow. 🎶

Looper (2012) - IMDb


Ballpoint Bananas

We force fed this to our eyeballs.


You Can’t Look a Gift Pig in the Hat

It takes two to consensus.


Why Did the Bread Come in the Mail?

It wasn’t really a Cuban sandwich, but it was good.


Old People Problems

We’re joined by special guest Todd Vaziri to discuss Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Todd is a compositing lead and supervisor at ILM and has worked on the Star Wars and Star Trek film franchises.

Todd Vaziri

Making of The Genesis Effect Narrated by Alvy Ray Smith | YouTube

Really Weird Shot Reverse-Shot From the Pan and Scan Version | YouTube

Netflix Lacks Vulcan Subtitles | Twitter

Defocused #38: How Do You Feel?

Random Trek #78: “Dear Doctor” (ENT) with Dan Sturm

The Incomparable #107: A Little Obsessed With Kirk


Hollywood Tortoise

Adam's Tortoise Photo

We’re joined by special guest Adam Lisagor to discuss Torque (2004).


Bad Movie Soup

This movie is the intersection of gorillas and eye-shaped drawings.


In Patty Cake Delicto

Nice to meet you, here’s some ink for your shirt.


The Middle of Norwhere

Red flags everywhere.


Chem-trails and Baja Fresh

We didn’t watch a movie.


Fear Factor Frontier


Red Dirt and Expectations

Two very dirty movies.


Peak Pleather

How do you put your worm in your pleather pants?


Notary Monkey

What falls faster? A feather or a Jeep?


Defocused: 2015 Year in Review

Defocused Awards Gif

Our 2015 Guests

  • Jason Snell
  • Anže Tomić
  • Aleen Simms
  • Glenn Fleishman

Starring: Dan Sturm

Edited Produced and Directed by: Joe Rosensteel


I’m Happy That You Like His Hand

It’s totally tubular.


Defocus Your Torso

We have a shirt! You can buy it!

Also, send us your favorite Defocused moments of 2015 at defocusedshow@gmail.com.


Quid Pro Quo, Anakin

Who’s a good Jedi? Yes you are!


Eight-Year-Olds Writing Romance for Fourteen-Year-Olds

Remember that time we found a clone army in the couch cushions?


Quantify His “Forciness”

It didn’t have to be this way, George.


Then We All Shout and Throw Things at Our TV

The droids you own end up owning you.


That’s the Mallrats Line

As it turns out, we don’t agree on everything. Who knew?


C-3PO’s Funeral Parlor

The thing is, you get more parsecs per mile on the highway.


This Cat DGAF


Souls for Her Feet

Vigo may not be a great movie villain, but we still like his olive oil and crushed tomatoes.

Ghostbusters II (1989).


I’m Totally a Good Guy, I’m Just Oily and Dirty

All you need is some chewing gum and twine and you’ve got a doorway to another dimension.

Masters of the Universe (1987).


Peter Meme, Peter Truck

Home is where the furnace is.

The ‛Burbs (1989).


The Bald Cop Doesn’t Have a Hot Dog in His Bun

There should have been only one.

Special guest Glenn Fleishman joins us to discuss Highlander (1986).


Do You Know How My Hand is Shaped?

Now that Joe’s back from Europe we can spend some serious time complaining about Apple’s recent announcements.


Living the 1935 Dream

Dan convinced Joe to watch Johnny Dangerously (1984) once. Once ☝️.


Gif. Gif. Gif. Peanut Butter. Escher.

Labyrinth (1986).


The Mullet of River Housing

Need help getting those spices off the top shelf?

Road House (1989).


Slime Talk with Dan and Joe

It’s an ugly podcast! A BUG podcast!

Starship Troopers (1997).


How’s Your Siggraph

Live! In Person! For the first (and probably last) time ever!


It Was the 80s of the Time

For the love of god, no pun intended!

Top Secret! (1984)


BYOP: Bring Your Own Poison

When you saw only one set of footprints, that’s when Fezzik was carrying the horse.

The Princess Bride (1987).


British in the Year 3000

Jupiter Ascending (2015) – We have some issues.


A Soft, Flaccid Waffle

This week, we’re joined by special guest Anže Tomić to talk about one of his favorite films, Stripes (1981).


Majored in Wall, Minored in Alcove

Dan is not an Explosionologist. Joe is not a Doorologist.

Independence Day (1996).


The Amber that Broke the Dilophosaurus’ Back

This week we did something we swore we’d never do. We watched Jurassic World (2015).


A Podcast Loaf

In this, our one year anniversary episode, we reminisce about the show and answer some listener questions.


The John Wayne Walk

Dan evades a political scandal by traveling to visit Joe in South Beach. Then they watch 1996’s The Birdcage.


The Titular Django

At long last, Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained (2012).


I Have Complaints About Hair

Dan and Joe hack the 80s parody, Kung Fury.


A Very Classy Soup

HDR Hamburger Magic Eye Posters and The Rocketeer (1991).


Mints in a Public Bathroom

Dan and Joe talk about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) and their new CBS crime procedural.


The Robot Hand that Rocks the Cradle

Dan and Joe ask important questions about Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Like, ‘Why?’ and ‘What?’


Asgardian Go-Bag

Dan and Joe talk about an obscure classic: Marvel’s The Avengers (2012).


They Need More Wow Factor

A movie trailer extravaganza! Star Wars! Batman v Superman! Jurassic World! Tomorrowland! Terminator: Genisys! Happiness! Skepticism! Anger! Disappointment!


Bad Guys or Baristas

The guys do some NAB Followup before getting back to the gold coin business for John Wick (2014). Didn’t you know John Wick was John Wick?


He’s Not Familiar With Ice

Dan and Joe went to Mars to talk about 1990’s Total Recall. Or did they?


Blossoming Death Onion

A brief discussion of Otter Pops and motorcycles before activating the StarDrive™ on The Last Starfighter (1984).


Stagnant Beyond Stagnant

Dan and Joe talk about how Apple will be your new cable provider.


The Transitive Property of OCP

Join Dan and Joe in a completely unsubtle critique of conspicuous consumption, and executive bathrooms.

RoboCop (1987).


How Do You Feel?

Pugs, Pizza Toppings, and our tribute to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986).


I Can Have My Feelings

To maintain the “magic” of the podcast, we won’t tell you just how much work went into making this episode (at least until after awards season), but we will tell you that Birdman (2014) is one of the most polarizing movies we’ve reviewed.


You’re a Soldier, ‘arry!

Dan and Joe — (shot). Dan and Joe talk about — (shot). Dan and Joe talk about Edge of Tomorrow (2014). (grenade)



A Superhero Spectacular, featuring Spider-Man and Big Hero 6 (2014)!


The Icing on the Sandwich

There’s a lot of love in the middle of this feel-good sandwich. Even if it is served on the wrong kind of bread.

Chef (2014).


That Was a Pretty Good Day

Dan discusses his Groundhog Day (1993) menu, and Joe does the Pennsylvania Polka.


Eddie Van Halen Paradox

Joe Steel Preston Esquire and Dan Theodore Logan go on a most excellent adventure.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989).


I Like a Good Montage

This week we discuss the 80s cult classic Real Genius (1985) with Chris Knight super-fan Jason Snell.


All the Plans Were Dumb Plans

Live from nowhere near CES 2015, we discuss the mess that is the UHD TV standard before going completely off the rails discussing the larger mess that is Snowpiercer (2013).


Defocused: 2014 Year in Review

Presented in Stereo Sound.

Our 2014 Guests:

  • Myke Hurley
  • Casey Liss
  • Stephen Hackett
  • Matt Alexander
  • Jason Snell

Special Thanks to Listeners:

  • David Fuchs
  • Kyle Seth Gray
  • Carl T. Holscher
  • Brian Hamilton
  • Isaac McAuley
  • Jason Zigler
  • A Boy Named Boom

Edited and Produced by: Dan Sturm
Written By: Joe Rosensteel


I Know Where Pomona Is

Welcome to the party, pal. Die Hard (1988).


A Growler of Maple Syrup

It’s Dan and Joe (We know them! We know them!) here to talk about the 2003 classic Christmas film, directed by John Favreau, Elf.


A Shill for Big Dairy

A little follow up. A little more about the Sony hack. And a whole lot of Home Alone (1990).


A Controlled Leak

Dan and Joe decided to do a brief overview of teaser trailers, and the way in which they shape expectations for film. The recent release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World teaser trailers inspired this discussion. They also discuss how viewing teasers has changed over time to turn from an occasional snippet of film, in to QuickTime downloads, and instantaneously available streams.


The 70mm Ledge

Spoilers abound as we discuss all things Interstellar (2014).


Your Dreams Have Been Paved Over

In this “All Follow-Up” episode we talk about Christopher Nolan, SGI Workstations, and how Bonanza got their L.A. Relay Race™ all wrong.


Remember When We Were Punk Rock?

This week, special guest Jason Snell joins the snobs in the record store to talk about High Fidelity (2000).


Cats Per Mango

We set out, with the best of intentions, to discuss the news and the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. And then it all went to hell.


That’s Not a S’more

Dan explains ectoplasmic bayer filtering and anamorphic apparitions. Joe saves the day with a straw and a lid.

Ghostbusters (1984).


Work Your Tablescapes

Much like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), this episode is truly Defocused and, yet, a ton of fun.


Tim Curried Bacon

This week, the guys are tired and, we’re not going to lie, things get a little weird. But, that doesn’t change the fact that this week’s movie, Clue (1985) is just wonderful fun.


The Clipping Plane from Heaven

Dan ate our social engagement platform, Joe braces for work, and we watch Peter Jackson’s 1996 cult classic, The Frighteners.


Step 1: Atomic Bomb

Former volcano owner and current World’s Greatest CEO Matt Alexander joins us to talk about tearaway trousers, reclaimed wood, what to do when planes fly overhead, what ingredients may or may not be in KFC’s “chicken”, and, of course, Goldfinger (1964).


Chekhov’s Law of Omega Thirteens

Joe and Dan talk about college mascots and libraries. Joe nerds-out over Galaxy Quest (1999), while Dan politely nods.


The Penultimate Pen

Joe hates love. Dan hates chicken salad. An omelet with nothing in it isn’t technically an omelet, and carrots and celery are just a base of a soup.

This week, we watch Grosse Pointe Blank (1997).


Racing Bulldozers

Special guest Stephen Hackett joins us for some brief beverage banter before breaking down Pirates of Silicon Valley.


Server Farm to Table

Like the memories of our childhood, Hackers (1995) is an embarrassing cultural retrospective full of that’s-not-a-things and awful clothing, but it’s still fun to watch in an only-partly-ironic way. Set your modems to receive a file. Defocusers of the world, unite!


I Do This For A Living

This week we’re joined by special guest, Casey Liss, to discuss 90s music (bad), and Michael Mann’s Collateral (good).


A Filmmaking Kitchen Sink

Dan is wearing pants. Joe promises he’s not peeing. We watch Tony Zhou’s A Brief Look at Texting and the Internet in Film before taking on the early 1990s two ways with Empire Records and Detention (2011).

Bug: Joe would like to apologize for recording the wrong audio input this week and he promises to never do it again.

Feature: You can tell Joe and Dan apart.


Chocolate Syrup on Everyone’s Forehead

Live from Vancouver, Joe eats the turducken of insects, then buys a new kettle. Dan has no heart, but he can fix his car. All that and The Fifth Element.


A Turducken of Dead Media

In a decidedly VFX heavy episode, we catch up on some industry news before spending almost as long talking about Guardians of the Galaxy as we did watching it in the theater. The Spoiler Horn sounds at 26:45.


A Constant Sense of Achievement

This week, we’re joined by special guest Myke Hurley to discuss Dan’s “desert accent”, Myke’s concern about Joe’s sleep, and why we all love Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.



The Episode 6 platform is built on social media, pivots to Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley, then pivots to coffee, before sunsetting with gym burritos.


Shame Burrito

Dan buys a burrito and feels guilty about it. Joe drinks dirt juice. It doesn’t matter if your TV is 4K because the movie probably isn’t. We don’t know what to make of Pixar’s involvement in the “no raid” scandal, but we’re really glad Super Troopers exists. And, it’s a good thing you didn’t order hashbrowns. I mean, if they had been chugging the catsup.


Human Progress Bar

Dan hurt himself. Joe enjoys both ketchup and mustard on his hotdogs. Neither of them really liked World War Z, but only one of them didn’t like Shaun of the Dead.


Toto’s Hey Now, You’re an All Star

Dan’s tired from his trip to San Francisco, Joe got some taquitos, called Kaitan Koribann, and Tow-Mater, Tater, and they both (mostly) watched Dune and Can’t Hardly Wait.


Tweets in the Node Graph

Magic Notes, Magic Nodes, Magic Mike.


The First One

Techno, Trailers, and Tarantino. (72min)