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Galaxy Quest (Movie)

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Bonus Track 224b: Sans Sarris

The battle to out-Glenn Glenn. Also, a long cut bit where Jason lists “Galaxy Quest” cast members while nobody says much.

Jason Snell with Scott McNulty, Glenn Fleishman, Erika Ensign, Joe Rosensteel and David J. Loehr

The Incomparable 224: Canonical Space Goo

Not many people remember the ’80s sci-fi TV series “Galaxy Quest,” starring Jason Nesmith and Alexander Dane, let alone remember it with fondness. But we’ve assembled a panel full of Questarians who will change your mind. By Grabthar’s hammer, what a topic!

Jason Snell with Erika Ensign, Glenn Fleishman, David J. Loehr, Scott McNulty and Joe Rosensteel

Defocused 15: Chekhov's Law of Omega Thirteens

Joe and Dan talk about college mascots and libraries. Joe nerds-out over Galaxy Quest (1999), while Dan politely nods.

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm

The Incomparable 31: Supernatural

An entire hour devoted to The CW's "Supernatural." Can you imagine it? Brr. Fortunately, that's not what this podcast is about. It's about stuff we think is funny. Only one of likes "Supernatural." To find out who, you will need to listen.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Glenn Fleishman, Scott McNulty, Serenity Caldwell and Steve Lutz