Voyager Revisited #22 February 1, 2021
Coda (S3E15), Hope and Fear (S4E26)

Resistance is Futile: Talking Voyager with Dad

This episode’s guest is Bob MacDonald Sr., self-proclaimed 85-year-old codger, retired teacher, and the man who bought our family a color TV so we could watch Star Trek when it first aired in 1966. We talk about space mission launches we witnessed in our home state of Florida, I try to explain the multitude of new Trek series, and I fail completely to turn him into a fan of Voyager and Captain Janeway.

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Show Notes

Coda (Memory Alpha)

Hope and Fear (Memory Alpha)

The Color Revolution: Television in the Sixties

Bertrand Piccard, initiator and co-pilot of the Solar Impulse, the first round-the-world solar-powered flight

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