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Voyager Revisited #30 April 7, 2022
Season 4, Episodes 18 & 19

Klingon Neelix Is Killing It (The Two-Parters)

Jeff Gamet, tech journalist, podcaster, and big fan of Star Trek, returns to Voyager Revisited to discuss The Killing Game, a two-part story from Season 4 that lets us really get to know those scary Delta Quadrant bad guys, the Hirogen. It’s another great two-parter, in which we see our crew used as playthings for the Hirogen, whose only purpose is to hunt. Janeway is a French Underground leader, Seven is a torch singer, and Neelix is a badass Klingon, thanks to the holodeck. But we reserve our highest praise for Harry Kim, who had to heroically manage the ship and outwit the Hirogen. That guy deserves a promotion.

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