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Voyager Revisited #29 October 29, 2021
Season 4, Episodes 8 and 9

Year of Hell Revisited (The Two-Parters)

Don’t be alarmed! This is not a temporal incursion. Year of Hell is one of the most admired episodes of Voyager. One year ago, on episode 19 of this podcast, software developer and podcaster Tammy Coron was our guest. We were six months into the pandemic, and Year of Hell really struck home for both of us. Tammy’s situation especially, being flung into a pandemic with an unexpectedly extended family, was akin to Captain Janeway’s challenges in the Delta Quadrant. And like Janeway, we don’t know how long it will take, but we are still on a mission to see everyone through.

We’re re-releasing this episode so that it’s in chronological order with the rest of the two-parters.. Enjoy this for the first time, enjoy a relisten, or skip to the next podcast episode, which will be all about the scary Hirogen.

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