Voyager Revisited #32 May 30, 2022
Season 6, Ep. 26, Season 7, Ep. 1

We’ll Always Have Unimatrix Zero (The Two-Parters)

Hugo Award-winner Frank Wu comes back to the podcast to talk about another big story featuring the Borg Queen. We discuss the merits of Seven’s love interest, the advisability of getting assimilated on purpose, and (our favorite subject) why Harry Kim keeps getting dissed. Even the Borg Queen zings him.

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Show Notes

(Looking for “Equinox” from Season 5/6 that comes before Unimatrix Zero in the series of two parters? We covered it in Episode 3 of Voyager Revisited, “You Can’t Underestimate Seven” with Brianna Wu.)

Topics Covered