Voyager Revisited #25 April 10, 2021
Flashback, Season 3, Episode 2

The Rediscovered Vulcan

We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country this week on The Incomparable network. Have a listen to not one but two panels, on the mothership episode and on Random Trek.

Then come back here for the two podcasters missing from those panels as we take a deeper dive into the Vulcan who was missing from the film, Voyager’s own Tuvok. Flashback (S3E2) was itself a 30th anniversary homage to the original series. Tuvok returns to the Excelsior, serving under Captain Sulu, and turns out it’s Tuvok who served Sulu that iconic cup of tea from Star Trek VI opening scene.

James Thomson, regular panelist at The Incomparable and developer of famous software programs, is our guest.

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Show Notes

Flashback (Memory Alpha)

James Thomson on Twitter

Software by James: PCalc, Dice by PCalc

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