Seize Him!

In this episode, our adventure comes to its end. A while ago, the Adventurers’ Pyramid installed Calcryx the white dragon as the ruler of the Sunless Citadel, with Meepo as its right-hand kobold. Unintended consequences can be tough. Will the adventurers escape with their lives and their treasure? If they can, they’re definitely going to make the front page of the next issue of Oakhurst & Beyond!

Food Pyramid

It’s good to learn things. Where does the Hobgoblin fit in the hierarchy of D&D monsters? If you’re killed by an arrow, does the second arrow really do damage? And how much blood can spill out of the bodies of unconscious adventurers who were just trying to get back to the surface and claim their reward? Also: Meet Bobgoblin the Hobgoblin!

Surprised By a Shadow

Our adventurers have begun their trek back to the surface! But they’ve left so much destruction in their wake… and now they may have to pay the price. (Also, Furian’s curiosity gets the better of him.)

Leveling Up

The boss battle concludes! The frog is dead! The tree lies in ruins! But not everyone will make it out alive! Who will survive? Those who remain will get an exciting trip to… Level 3!

Lego Tree Destruction

An Adequately Sized Frog

This is it! The beginning of the end! Our party enters battle with the evil druid, his monstrous tree, his two plant-zombie thralls, his twig blight army, and most importantly, his giant purple frog!

Lego Tree Battle

Purple Frog

Hey, Where’s Your Frog?

Hobgoblins and twig blights and frogs, oh my!

I’m Goblin Here!

Yes, the underground gardens of the Sunless Citadel are a beauty to behold, especially if you’re a fungi enthusiast researching for the Great Bugbear Bake-Off. But these ancient statues from a dragon-worshipping cult are just creepy.

Posh Bugbear

Our group’s meeting with Balsag Rogruk Bugbear is not going well. But have no fear, a park bench and an underground garden party are just around the corner.

The Couch of the Garden

Does a pile of skeletons make a park bench? How fast is a rat at both moving and dying? Why should you never disturb a fire snake’s hole? Our adventurers learn the answers to all of these questions, and then get off on the wrong foot with a new acquaintance.

You’ve Killed a Tree!

The Adventurers’ Pyramid, having killed many goblins, now faces the wrath of Durn, their Hobgoblin boss. Can diplomacy save the day? Can Meepo? Can anything?

Look At My Beautiful Cone

Furian opens a door.


Send in Meepo!

You’ve seen the dungeons, but what about the dragons? Our first-level adventurers get what they asked for in this episode, as they encounter Karylax, the ice dragon wormling. Will he welcome back his old companion Meepo, or does he view our party’s Kobold sidekick as an enemy? Only one way to find out!


Every Death Is a Data Point

Tragedy at the archery range! Can anyone save Meepo? Will an assortment of goblins pay the ultimate price? And what’s through that next door? (Hint: Probably more goblins.)


Murder Sesame Street

With all the rats finally dispatched, it’s time to switch all our attention to Goblins! Will the Adventurers’ Pyramid be charming enough to talk their way past another collection of Goblin guards and invite them out to drinks after work on a Thursday? Or will it be death for Meepo the Kobold?


This Fountain Counts Rats

Who wants to kill a Rat Queen? It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to leap into the fray and become the meat in a rat sandwich. Is Max up for the job?


Reading is Fundamental

It’s time for the podcast that asks the question, “Why are there rats?” In this episode, Max discovers a fountain with a creepy inscription. Also our team meets—and kills—a whole lot of rats. Dungeon fun!


Trust Me, I’ve Got a Plan

Max and Nox concoct a plan to fool a bunch of goblins. A surprisingly tall goblin guard makes an appearance. Many deception rolls are attempted. Can nonviolence really work, or is it all a folly? The dice rolls will reveal all!


Combat is for Feelings

How many rats does it take to get to the center of a Sunless Citadel? Our adventurers find out, and then learn some important lessons about the dynamics of Kobold culture.


Hit the Rat!

Our new adventurers are about to face their first combat situation, as a group of giant rats attack the party. Who will survive unscathed and who will be bathed in their own blood?

Adventurers being attacked by rats.


The Best Adventures Start With Lies

Our adventurers visit a mansion to receive an assignment, participate in a team-building exercise, and climb down a rope into a subterranean gulf of darkness.

Adventurers knocking at a mansion door.


Oakhurst & Beyond

We begin a new TPK season with an almost entirely new collection of players! In the small town of Oakhurst, many adventurers are gathering. Is there trouble on the horizon? Probably! Does the town’s local newspaper have a surprisingly broad circulation? Seemingly! Does that demon lady really think her weasel is a fox? Possibly! Step inside the tavern and get ready for some Dragonborn rock and roll.

A meeting in a tavern.