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    Biff! September 10, 2019 Waxing Philosophical
    14 What makes a superhero?

    As we find ourselves between shows to recap, our team waxes a little bit philosophical this week, discussing what exactly makes a superhero. Is it the super? The hero? Plus, we talk about the reported casting of Kate Bishop in the Disney+ Hawkeye show and Peggy Carter’s next impossible mission. Then it’s over to the Letters Page to discuss our favorite comic runs and cross-franchise casting.

    As always, we’ve got shirts for your wearing pleasure.

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    The Incomparable Mothership March 5, 2017 “Unbreakable”
    342 Sad Superman

    In the wake of the enormous success of “The Sixth Sense”, M. Night Shyamalan’s follow-up “Unbreakable” was seen as a disappointment, but we think it deserves a critical reappraisal. 2000 was a desert for superhero movies, but “Unbreakable” actually seems more impressive after 15 years of modern takes on the genre. We discuss the film’s interesting color palette, the weight of a full paint can, the water-resisting qualities of Bruce Willis’s green poncho, why anyone would like the colors rust and brown, and the practicality of Samuel L. Jackson carrying a glass cane. And stick around—I hear this one’s got a surprise ending.

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    The Incomparable Mothership February 6, 2011 Underrated Superhero Movies
    23 Origin Story

    Don your mask and cape and join us for a discussion of the good, the underrated, and the overrated in the realm of superhero movies. And you think we’re going to praise “The Dark Knight” you might be in for quite a shock… No, seriously, we rip it apart. We also discuss “Superman 2,” “Darkman,” “Iron Man,” “Megamind,” “The Incredibles,” “Unbreakable,” “The Rocketeer,” and many others.