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  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership November 18, 2022 “She-Hulk” and “Ms. Marvel”
    641 Miles Ahead of Lou Ferrigno

    Put on a magic bangle and pick up your briefcase, because it’s time for us to discuss two Marvel Disney+ series that push the universe in some new and interesting directions, “Ms. Marvel” and “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.”

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus November 8, 2022
    28 Biff that Black Adam in the Peripheral

    Can’t lie, this is a machine gun episode of the streams we have seen. Sam throws a wrench at Moze from NOLA. Moze has been building models which has slowed his intake of consumables. Moze is very drunk and excited about a totally new show on Amazon. PS Moze freaked out over Daredevil…

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! October 17, 2022
    160 She-Hulk S1E9: "Whose Show is This?"

    In this final episode of She-Hulk Jen finds herself at the end of her rope. But, like Captain Kirk before her, she refuses to accept a no-win scenario.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! October 10, 2022
    159 She-Hulk S1E8: "Ribbit and Rip It!"

    Put some jet fuel in your rocket boots and chow down on some toasty frog legs because this week we’re introduced to Leap-Frog! When the wanna-be superhero sets himself alight Luke Jacobson finds himself in court against Jen. But he’s got the devil on his side. In this episode She-Hulk smashes.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! October 3, 2022
    158 She-Hulk S1E6: "The Retreat"

    ABOMASTE! Peace and clarity be with us this week after Blonsky’s ankle monitor goes off and Jen visits his retreat for the weekend. We’re introduced to a bunch of new characters but, touchingly, also to Jen herself. If you’re wondering what we think about Josh’s betrayal you won’t wait long to find out.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! September 26, 2022
    157 She-Hulk S1E6: "Just Jen"

    Bring your sensible shoes for dancing because we’re off to a wedding! This week Jen attends her old friend’s wedding and things get a little out of hand when Titania turns out to be dating the groom’s pal. Listen in as we discuss the episode and a couple of classic movies before doing a little bit of superhero dusting.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! September 23, 2022
    156 She-Hulk S1E5: "Mean, Green, and Straight Poured into These Jeans"

    It’s off to court in this law comedy as Jen sues Titania for using the name She-Hulk to hawk beauty products. John, Guy, and a special surprise guest recap the episode and then chat a little about the D23 announcements.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! September 13, 2022
    155 She-Hulk S1E4: "Is This Not Real Magic?"

    Swipe right for Real Magic! This week Jen fights off a bunch of goblins over drinks and also fights off a bunch of goblins to help out Wong. We also find ourselves blessed by the introduction of Madisynn. Bottomless be her G’n’T. Then we do a little fantasy casting for Fantasitc Four in anticipation of the D23 event that has since happened.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! September 4, 2022
    154 She-Hulk S1E3: "The People vs. Emil Blonsky"

    Jen takes on her first big case and smashes the A and B plots together like coconuts. We chat about Megan Thee Stallion, Blonksy, and Wong, before heading back into conspiracy corner. Who’s the boss? Only Frakes can reveal the truth in this episode of Biff that will have you dancing in the office.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! August 31, 2022
    153 She-Hulk S1E2: "Superhuman Law"

    She-Hulk gets fired from her gig in the DA’s office but through the magic of montage finds herself quickly re-hired at the Law Offices of GLK/H. Unfortunately they seem to want to staff her primarily because she’s a HULK. Worse, her first client is Emile Blonsky AKA The Abomination. Then in our sweep segment John and Guy discuss:

    Larry Wilmore’s interview with She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao

    Thunderbird T-Shirt

    Jordan Elsass’ exit from Superman & Lois

    The cancellation of Batman: Caped Crusader and rumours that Matt Shakman will be directing the Fantastic Four movie.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! August 23, 2022
    152 Never Tackle She-Hulk

    This week we try to tackle the first episode of She-Hulk. Never tackle She-Hulk. Within the first twenty minutes we decide that John has won at BIFF and we can close the whole thing up. For the rest we discuss our enjoyment of She-Hulk, and end up going a little far afield.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! July 31, 2022
    149 MCU vs. SDCC

    John and Guy are back this week to discuss some of what Marvel announced at San Diego Comic Con. We cover the trailers for Black Panther 2, SHE-HULK, and assorted stuff about what’s on the way.

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership March 23, 2013 Hulk, She-Hulk, and other Hulks I’ve known.
    132 Kind of Like a Dinosaur

    Don’t make us angry… you wouldn’t like us when we’re angry. Our Comic Book Club talks all things Hulk. We begin with a discussion of two She-Hulk series, by John Byrne and Dan Slott, and then move to talk about Proper Hulk, Gray Hulk, Red Hulk, Planet Hulk, Ruffalo Hulk, and more! Plus: What are we reading? (Jason gets really excited about “Hawkeye,” who is not a Hulk.) And, other than being green, how is the Hulk like parsley? Channel your inner rage and listen to this episode.