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Zardoz (Movie)

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Monty and Rhias vs. Movies 9: ZARDOZ

Is it postapocalyptical? Sort of! Is it genuine nonsense? Absolutely! Does Sean Connery wear an outfit that is completely unacceptable? You know it!

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

The Incomparable 250: Stay Inside My Aura

Draw a beard on your face with a Sharpie, prepare to learn math via touch, and we’ll take you to the second level! Our trek into films of questionable quality continues with John Boorman’s 1974 sci-fi epic “Zardoz,” starring Sean Connery in a red diaper and a floating stone head. Even the writer/director/producer can’t explain what happened, and neither can we—except maybe for Glenn.

Jason Snell with Helene Wecker, Joe Rosensteel, Erika Ensign, Steve Lutz, David J. Loehr and Glenn Fleishman