Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall watch a lot of movies, and they like to talk about them. This year, they’re focusing on postapocalyptic movies, so strap on your shoulder pads, spike your hair, and get ready to survive in a world ruined by nuclear war, plague, mutants, or who knows what else. Every episode will focus on a different postapocalyptic movie, until they’ve done a year of it.


Warriors of the Apocalypse

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall take on the Warriors of the Apocalypse, which is also called Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain, or maybe Time Raiders. It’s some leather-clad dudes in the Philippines wandering around a rock quarry and a jungle, which is full of some unfortunate “savage warrior” stereotypes, and also an amazon temple with a throne that’s equipped with laser cannons.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

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Night of the Comet

The Postapocalypse is here! Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall embark on a year-long quest to watch a bunch of movies set in blasted wastelands and empty cities. First up: Night of the Comet!.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

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