Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall watch a lot of movies, and they like to talk about them. This year, they’re focusing on postapocalyptic movies, so strap on your shoulder pads, spike your hair, and get ready to survive in a world ruined by nuclear war, plague, mutants, or who knows what else. Every episode will focus on a different postapocalyptic movie, until they’ve done a year of it.


Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D.

As far as we know, this movie is only available through Scarecrow Video in Seattle. It’s an extremely silly parody of postapocalyptic movies made by people (in 2009) who were both comedians and Scarecrow employees, which means that they’re pals of Rhias’s. It’s really funny, though, and we try to convey that in our very fond discussion of it.

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The Postman

A three-hour movie directed by, and starring, Kevin Costner as the man who brings society back from the postapocalypse by sheer force of downright decent-ness. It’s kind of bombastic, quite overwrought, and the closest thing you’ll see to a postapocalyptic take on Civil War battles.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


1990: The Bronx Warriors

This is one of the least postapocalyptic movies ever made. At best, there are three square blocks of postapocalypse, and some of it might be Brooklyn. A lot of it is definitely Rome. This movie is equal parts ripoffs of The Warriors and Escape From New York, and it’s a lot of fun, in a grimy kind of way.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall



Is it postapocalyptical? Sort of! Is it genuine nonsense? Absolutely! Does Sean Connery wear an outfit that is completely unacceptable? You know it!

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall



This movie is very gross! And Monty and Rhias talk about it frankly and with swear words. Atolladero was made in 1995 and it is very much one of those movies made right after Pulp Fiction where they just pile on the drugs and violence and transgressive behavior and so forth. It appeared in a few film festivals and then had a limited release in Spain, so it’s kind of a miracle that Rhias ever got her hands on this third-generation VHS copy. Anyway, it’s kind of a spaghetti western noir in a postapocalyptic setting, made in Spain, and Iggy Pop is in it.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Wheels of Fire

Wheels of Fire was shot in the Philippines and has probably the most explosions of any movie we’ve seen in this Postapocalyptic year. It also contains a telepathic woman, a woman who appears to have a psychic link with a hawk, and an actual Playboy Playmate. And yet? Extremely boring. And it is very unkind to its female characters, especially the aforementioned Playmate. This episode is marked “explicit” because there was no other way to discuss the gross parts.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


The Blood of Heroes

Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen are athletes in the coolest post-apocalyptic deathsport of them all: They’re juggers! That means they travel from desolate wasteland town to desolate wasteland town to fight a brutal struggle centered around a dog skull. It’s great.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Land of Doom

Behold, the story of Harmony, Anderson, and to a much lesser extent, a guy named Roland, who enters the story way too late to count as comic relief. It is a story you’ve heard before, with motorcycles and weird leather clothing, and plague mutants. Well, we’re not told that those guys were mutants, but they probably were. Stands to reason, right? This movie was made in Turkey in 1986 and it is fun.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Six-String Samurai

What if the postapocalyptic world didn’t have shoulderpads and mohawks? What if instead, it had a midcentury rock and roll aesthetic with katanas and a Russian surf guitar soundtrack and a guitar duel against death? What if it didn’t make a lick of sense, but it looked good enough that it didn’t matter?

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Bird Box

Journey with Monty and Rhias all the way back to 2018, when Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich were trapped in a post-apocalyptic world on Netflix. If they see the monster, they’ll die! So instead, they stay locked inside a house and yell at each other. So far, this was the most accurate post-apocalypse.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall


Warriors of the Apocalypse

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall take on the Warriors of the Apocalypse, which is also called Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain, or maybe Time Raiders. It’s some leather-clad dudes in the Philippines wandering around a rock quarry and a jungle, which is full of some unfortunate “savage warrior” stereotypes, and also an amazon temple with a throne that’s equipped with laser cannons.

Monty Ashley and Rhias Hall

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