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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Movie)

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Random Trek 167: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" with Moisés Chiullán, David J. Loehr, and Jean MacDonald


38 years ago today the Human Adventure began with Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and it continues. Topics include those uniforms and if you can hide a phaser in them, the wonderful score, and if this movie has a plot. Also, this podcast features several long sequences of the participants staring off into the distance.

Scott McNulty with Moisés Chiullan, David J. Loehr and Jean MacDonald

The Incomparable 287: Hole Farmers

What does God need with a starship? We take a look at the two most (justly) maligned films starring the original “Star Trek” cast, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” and “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.” What do these two films have in common? Do they have any redeeming qualities? We watched them so you didn’t have to, because we need our pain!

Jason Snell with Scott McNulty, David J. Loehr, Glenn Fleishman, Chip Sudderth, Andy Ihnatko and Monty Ashley