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“Prime Factors” (VOY) with Alyssa Favreau


Alyssa Favreau, writer, designer, proofreader, fact checker, and copy editor, joins Scott to discuss Prime Factors (VOY S1E10). Though, to be honest, they don’t spend that much time talking about the episode. Topics include space bros, ranking Vulcans, and the many outfits of Star Trek. Plus Harry Kim and erotic breezes.

Next on Random Trek: The TOS classic The Corbomite Maneuver.

Scott McNulty with Alyssa Favreau

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“Vis A Vis” (VOY) with Brian Hamilton


Brian Hamilton, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to discuss Vis a Vis (VOY S4E20). Tom Paris meets a crazy alien who steals ships and people’s DNA! Hilarity ensues. And what’s the deal with everyone in the future being obsessed with pop culture from about our current time period? Hmm? Also discussed the pleasures of working on holographic automobiles.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Prime Factors (S1E10).

Scott McNulty with Brian Hamilton


“Shattered” (VOY) with Philip Mozolak


Philip Mozolak, podcaster and TeeVee enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss Shattered (VOY S7E10). Chakotay visits Voyager’s past and future to find a way to unshatter the ship he loves. Or something. A stop in the holodeck, with ensuing hilarity, and the amazing skills of the Doctor round out this episode.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Vis à Vis

Scott McNulty with Philip Mozolak


“Whispers” (DS9) with Sarah Grey


Sarah Grey, editor and writer, joins Scott to discuss Whispers (DS9 S2E14). Bad things happen to Miles O’Brien, but this episode has a twist (which, of course, makes it even worse for Miles). Topics discussed include the ethics of sleeping with a clone of your spouse, what 70’s show most closely maps to DS9, and Chakotay even gets some love.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Shattered.

Scott McNulty with Sarah Grey


“Tears of the Prophets” (DS9) with Lisa Schmeiser


Lisa Schmeiser, reporter, podcaster, and newsletter producer (subscribe to So What, Who Cares?), joins Scott to discuss Tears of the Prophets (DS9 S6E26). The discussion includes whether DS9 feels dated, if the Bajorns are a cargo cult, the finer details of Dukat’s charm, and the fate of Jadzia Dax.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s Whispers.

Scott McNulty with Lisa Schmeiser


“The Haunting of Deck Twelve” (VOY) with Joan McNulty


Joan McNulty, retiree, reader, and Scott’s mom, joins Scott to discuss The Haunting of Deck Twelve (VOY S6E25). The Original Series, how Scott got into Star Trek, whether Neelix is annoying, and the merits of Capt. Janeway are discussed. The merits of being able to fly and which Star Trek tech you wish was real (transporters vs. replicators) are also mentioned.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Tears of the Prophets.

Scott McNulty with Joan McNulty


“Mirror, Mirror” (TOS) with David Chartier


David Chartier, freelance content strategist and thinker, joins Scott to discuss Mirror, Mirror (TOS S2E4). Agonizers, golden belts, and Uhura’s alternate uniform are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s The Haunting on Deck Twelve.

Scott McNulty with David Chartier


“Singularity” (ENT) with Manu Saadia


Manu Saadia, author of the forthcoming book Trekonomics, joins Scott to discuss Singularity (ENT S2E9). The economics of the Star Trek universe are discussed, as is why so many Enterprise episodes feature scenes in the bathroom, the merits of T’Pal, and whether or not Capt. Archer is a good captain (spoiler: he isn’t).

Apologies for some of the audio in this episode, it would seem Skype isn’t a fan of Enterprise.

Next on Random Trek: TOS’s Mirror, Mirror.

Scott McNulty with Manu Saadia


“A Night in Sickbay” (ENT) with Aleen Simms


Aleen Simms, host of Less Than or Equal, joins Scott to discuss A Night in Sickbay (ENT S2E5). Porthos is sick, and it is all Archer’s fault. Plus thoughts on the theme song (yes, again), how Archer isn’t all that great at his job, and some problematic usage of T’Pol.

Next on Random Trek: Enterprise’s Singularity.

Scott McNulty with Aleen Simms


“The Sword of Kahless” (DS9) with James Callan


James Callan, content strategist and trivia master, joins Scott to discuss The Sword of Kahless (DS9 S4E9). Topics discussed include the details of Klingon archeology, how finding the sword isn’t the point of this episode, and many observations about Klingon society (or the lack thereof).

Next on Random Trek: Enterprise’s A Night in Sickbay.

Scott McNulty with James Callan


“Man of the People” (TNG) with Marcos Huerta


Marcos Huerta, astronomer, latino, and huge Trek/Sci-fi fan, joins Scott to discuss Man of the People (TNG S6E3). This episode is all Troi all the time (well, it is a lot of Troi, a lot of the time). Topics include how Troi’s character is largely defined by her relationships with other characters, the problematic nature of telepathy, 24th century medaitaror’s shocking lack of prepration for their jobs, and the astounding fact that Star Trek III isn’t as bad as you remember it.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Sword of Kahless.

Scott McNulty with Marcos Huerta

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