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“In Theory” (TNG) with Jacqui Cheng


Jacqui Cheng, self-described “local artist”, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s In Theory (S4E25). Topics include: is replicated chocolate cake good for you, the proper response to someone offering to organize your closet, and who on the Enterprise one should ask for relationship advice.

Also, fair warning: this episode includes some salty language.

Scott McNulty with Jacqui Cheng

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“Nemesis” (VOY) with Tony Sindelar


Tony Sindelar, noted DM and podcaster, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Nemesis” (S4E4). Topics include: Scott appreciating listener Kyle, fathoming the language used in this episode, and what kind of Klingons Scott and Tony would be.

Check out TPK Shocktober 2018 for some good D&D fun.

Scott McNulty with Tony Sindelar


“The First Duty” (TNG) with John Moltz


John Moltz, writer and podcaster, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The First Duty” (S5E19). Topics include: when is Tom Paris not Tom Paris? How old is Capt. Picard in this episode? And why isn’t anyone creeped out by the groundskeeper?

Scott McNulty with John Moltz


“Tomorrow is Yesterday” (TOS) with Lawrence M. Schoen


Lawrence M. Schoen, author, psychologist, and Klingon speaker, joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “Tomorrow is Yesterday” (S1E21). Topics include the Klingons (of course), the importance of the Original Series, and how you should probably just watch Yesterday’s Enterprise instead.

Scott McNulty with Lawrence M. Schoen


“Afterimage” (DS9) with Eric Vilas-Boas


Eric Vilas-Boas, writer and editor, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Afterimage” (DS9 S7E3). Topics include why we love DS9 so much, what’s the deal with Ezri, and how problematic of a character Ezri is for our favorite character’s lives when you think about it.

Scott McNulty with Eric Vilas-Boas


“Lower Decks” (TNG) with Kathy Campbell


Kathy Campbell, fellow member of The Incomparable and co-host of both the Sestracast and Friends In Your Ears, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Lower Decks” (TNG S7E15). Topics include the Amish, who the heck are all these new characters, the unexpected sadness of this episode, and how you should never take the tubrolift with Capt. Picard.

Scott McNulty with Kathy Campbell


New Spock, Old Picard (news update with Jason Snell)

Jason Snell joins Scott to discuss the wave of “Star Trek” related news to hit this month, including news of new actors playing Pike and Spock in “Star Trek: Discovery”, the return of Jean-Luc Picard in an entirely new TV project, and more.

Scott McNulty with Jason Snell


“Empok Nor” (DS9) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashley, co-host of The Villain Edit, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Empok Nor (S5E24). Topics covered Forged in Fire, Top Shot, the eating options on DS9, and corpse robbing for fun.

Scott McNulty with Monty Ashley


“Ties of Blood and Water” (DS9) with Jim Metzendorf


Jim Metzendorf, the man behind “The Professional’s Guide to Audio Podcast Production,” and the editor of some of your favorite podcasts (plus this one!), joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Ties of Blood and Water” (S5E19). Topics include filler sounds, dealing with the death of a loved one (this episode gets a little heavy, people), and Cardassians vs. Romulans.

Scott McNulty with Jim Metzendorf


“Ferengi Love Songs” (DS9) with Doug Savage


Doug Savage, creator of Savage Chicken and Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Ferengi Love Songs” (S5E20). Topics include the wide variety of alien vermin that must infest DS9, the problematic nature of Ferengi, and sweet elderly lobe love.

Scott McNulty with Doug Savage


“Rogue Planet” (ENT) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, co-host of podcasts devoted to The Office and the sleeping, joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s “Rogue Planet” (S1E18). Topics include that theme song (yes), fake shutter noises, slugs, and what to do when you hear a creepy whisper coming from the forest.

Scott McNulty with Mikah Sargent

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