A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“The Game” (TNG) with Chip Sudderth


Chip Sudderth, Incomparable panelist and Babylon 5 enthusiast joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The Game” (S5E6). What’s up with Risa? Why does the Game not look like much fun at all? And whatever happened to that Ashley Judd?

Scott McNulty with Chip Sudderth

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“The Return of the Archons” (TOS) with Dan Wearsch


Dan Wearsch, host of Random Sterling, co-host of Microphone Talking, Spousal Privilege and more, joins Scott to discuss “The Return of the Archons” (TOS, S1E22). Are we of the body? Also, is twirling like a maniac in the street really that much fun? And why does Kirk hate computers so much?

Scott McNulty with Dan Wearsch


“The City on the Edge of Forever” (TOS) with Tiffany Arment


Tiffany Arment, Incomparable panelist and ranker of things joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “The City on the Edge of Forever” (S1E28). Widely hailed as the best episode of Star Trek ever, does it hold up? Yes, yes it does. We also list our top four Star Trek characters, the horrible user interface of the Guardian, and why the past is in black and white.

Scott McNulty with Tiffany Arment


“Future Imperfect” (TNG) with Adam Teterus


Adam Teterus, Comic Book Junto co-host, Indy Hall booster, and writer, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Future Imperfect” (S4E8). Birthday cake, manthings, and the shockingly long time it takes Starfleet officers to advance in the ranks are all discussed.

Scott McNulty with Adam Teterus


“Covenant” (DS9) with David J. Loehr


David J. Loehr, man of stage and podcast joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Covenant_ (S7E9). Topics include the most iconic Star Trek villain vs. the best, whether Bajorans are space Jews or space Catholics, and the crazy number of episodes the last two seasons of DS9 include in multi-part stories.

Scott McNulty with David J. Loehr


“The Vengeance Factor” (TNG) with Glenn Fleishman


Glenn Fleishman, tech journalist and Incomparable panelist, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Vengeance Factor (S3E9). A big mystery! Which is solved very quickly. Riker puts it on pretty heavily (though respectfully). And Scott and Glenn talk a lot (too much?) about how the replicators work.

Scott McNulty with Glenn Fleishman


“Bliss” (VOY) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, founder of App Camp for Girls, joins Scott to talk about Voyager’s Bliss (S5E14). Topics include the perils of watching a show in random order, how Gene Roddenberry might have been a jerk, and how this episode is a kind of throwback to TOS.

Jean’s favorite podcasts include:

Scott McNulty with Jean MacDonald


“Soldiers of the Empire” (DS9) with Susana Polo


Susana Polo, writer at Polygon and founder of The Mary Sue, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Soldiers of the Empire (S5E21). Topics include starting your Star Trek viewing experience with Voyager, the Federation assimilating cultures, and how Worf isn’t really good at his Klingon job.

Scott McNulty with Susana Polo


“The Forgotten” (ENT) with Ben Harrison


Ben Harrison, film maker and The Greatest Generation podcaster, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s The Forgotten (S3E20). Topics include the ins and outs of hosting a Star Trek podcast, Trip taking a long time to write a crappy letter, and the massive amount of things that happen in this very boring episode of Enterprise.

Scott McNulty


“Similitude” (ENT) with Michael Lopp


Michael Lopp, that’s Rands to you, blogger, author, and speaker, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s Similitude (S3E10). Topics include the captain you’d want to manage your startup, Enterprise’s awful theme song (yes, it is still awful), and the wondrous scientific discoveries in this episode that no one seems to care about.

Scott McNulty with Michael Lopp


“Melora” (DS9) with Erika Ensign


Erika Ensign, Dr. Who podcaster, Incomprable panelist, and Babylon 5 podcaster (and more!) joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Melora (S2E06). Topics include Dr. Who companions, disability, and the average gravity on Federation planets. Also, check out Outside In Boldly Goes to read Erika’s essay.

Scott McNulty with Erika Ensign

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