A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“Civil Defense” (DS9) with Jess Fink


Jess Fink, illustrator and comic maker, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Civil Defense (S3E7). Topics covered include the distinct lack of making out on Star Trek, Gul Dukat’s appeal (of course), Bashir and Garak’s lunches.

Just a note that this episode features some adult language and topics. Plus making out.

Scott McNulty with Jess Fink

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“Power Play” (TNG) with Anne Zander


Anne Zander, actor, writer, and improviser, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Power Play (S5E15). On this episode we talk about how creepy it is for familiar characters to act very differently, we question Riker’s leg placement, a doorbell rings, and glittery convicts gather in a cylinder.

Scott McNulty with Anne Zander


“Transfigurations” (TNG) with Len Webb


Len Weeb, creator and producer of the Black Tribbles, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Transfigurations (S3E25). Geordi talks a woman, O’Brien kayaks, and another energy blob leaves the ship.

Special thanks to Radio Theater’s David J. Loehr for the use of his silky smooth radio guy voice.

Scott McNulty with Len Webb


“A Man Alone” (DS9) with Kennedy Allen


Kennedy Allen, producer of the Black Tribbles, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s A Man Alone (S1E4). We talk Voyager, going to Mars, and clone killing.

Scott McNulty with Kennedy Allen


“Faces” (VOY) with Duncan Barrett


Duncan Barrett, author and actor, joins Scott to talk about VOY’s Faces (S1E14). An early episode of Voyager means the bad guys are the Vidiians. Body horror, coming to grips with what makes you you, and that poor red shirt are all discussed

Scott McNulty with Duncan Barrett


“Emergence” (TNG) with Sue Kaye


Sue Kaye, co-host of Women at Warp and Anomaly Supplemental, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Emergence (S7E23). One of the final episodes of TNG and it is a holodeck episode! Really? Really! Topics include trainers, Picard’s personal life, and Dr. Crusher.

Scott McNulty with Sue Kaye


“The Muse” (DS9) with Andrew Cunningham


Andrew Cunningham, Senior Products Editor/reviewer at ArsTechnica and co-host of Appointment Television! and Overdue, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s The Muse (S4E21). An inspiration vampire visits the station to make Jake write a novel and suck the novel juice out of his head. And the perfect side dish to this tale? Lwaxana Troi shows up preggers and asks Odo to help her get out of her marriage.

Scott McNulty with Andrew Cunningham


“Breaking the Ice” (ENT) with Monty Ashley


Monty Ashley, man about The Incomparable network and TV lover, joins Scott to talk about ENT’s Breaking the Ice (S1E8). Lots of MAS*H talk, Monty tells us how Enterprise should have ended, and are Vulcans secret vampires?

Scott McNulty with Monty Ashley


“Progress” (DS9) with Guy English


Guy English, fan of the show and man of the world, joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Progress (S1E15). A season one episode of Deep Space Nine that is worth watching! Kira solves problems, a grumpy man makes a kiln, self sealing stembolts are purchased, and the rest of the cast is present.

Scott McNulty with Guy English


“Barge of the Dead” (VOY) with Aleen Simms


Aleen Simms, incomparablist, host of Less Than of Equal, and more, joins Scott to talk about VOY’s Barge of the Dead (S6E3). The boat to Klingon hell is just what you think it might be: dark, full of fire, and contains grumpy Klingons. We talk about spirituality, if this is all in B’ELanna’s head plus Tuvok.

Scott McNulty with Aleen Simms


“Ship in a Bottle” (TNG) with Steven Schapansky


Steven Schapansky, Dr. Who fan and podcast producer, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Ship in a Bottle (S6E12). This episode begs the question: why are holodecks allowed on starships? At least Reg is there to help realign some stuff.

Scott McNulty with Steven Schapansky

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