A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“Melora” (DS9) with Erika Ensign


Erika Ensign, Dr. Who podcaster, Incomprable panelist, and Babylon 5 podcaster (and more!) joins Scott to talk about DS9’s Melora (S2E06). Topics include Dr. Who companions, disability, and the average gravity on Federation planets. Also, check out Outside In Boldly Goes to read Erika’s essay.

Scott McNulty with Erika Ensign

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“Parallels” (TNG) with John Roderick


John Roderick, singer of The Long Winters, man on the line, and Road Worker, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Parallels (S7E11). Topics include the optimal cake slice size, spoilers, Riker/Troi and Worf/Troi, and the overall misuse of Troi.

Scott McNulty with John Roderick


“The Man Trap” (TOS) with Marisa McClellan


Today marks the 50th anniversary of the very first broadcast of the very first episode of the very first Star Trek series. To celebrate Scott has thrown aside the random nature of this podcast and invited Marisa McClellan, canning expert, to discuss TOS’s The Man Trap (S1E5). Topics include how this isn’t technically the first episode of Star Trek, the delicious nature of salt, and just what the heck a yeoman does anyway.

Next on Random Trek, and this time Scott means it, TNG’s Parallels.

Scott McNulty with Marisa McClellan


“Half a Life” (TNG) with John Gruber


John Gruber, the most daring of fireballs, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Half a Life (S4E220). Topics cover what to order at a steakhouse, what to order at a specific steakhouse (Barclay Prime), Picard’s odd behaviour, and our thoughts about Lwaxana and why no one ever says to her, “You sound an awful lot like the computer.”

Next on Random Trek TNG’s Parallels.

Scott McNulty with John Gruber


“The Q and the Grey” (VOY) with Max Temkin


Max Temkin, box maker, game designer, and Star Trek enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s The Q and the Grey (S3E11). Topics include Max’s thoughts on why Voyager has some of the best episodes in all of Trek, how this episode is a great argument against that view point, how the 90’s were a very different time, and how much this episode upsets Civil War buffs.

Scott McNulty with Max Temkin


“Prophet Motive” (DS9) with Joe Rosensteel


Joe Rosensteel, Defocused and Unhelpful, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Prophet Motive (S3E16). Rub your ears and count your latinum because this is a Ferengi episode. Topics covered include energy whips, strange medical award ceremonies, and Scott’s Wallace Shawn impression (briefly).

Scott McNulty with Joe Rosensteel


“Homefront” and “Paradise Lost” (DS9) with Tony Sindelar


Tony Sindelar, Batman enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s two parter composed of Homefront and Paradise Lost (S4E11/12). Most of these episodes take place on Earth, which leads to a discussion about just what the heck people living on Earth do with their time. And why do any of them work in a restaurant? Though it seems access to transporters have really made traveling much nicer.

Scott McNulty with Tony Sindelar


“Hippocratic Oath” (DS9) with Shannon Sudderth


Shannon Sudderth, a host of the Audio Guide to Babylon 5 and frequent Incomparable panelist, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Hippocratic Oath (S4E4). Another DS9 episode! This episode includes discussions about whether or not it is cool to be a geek in highschool these days, pondering whether Bashir is a hottie or annoying (why not both?), the well portrayed friendship between Bashir and O’Brien, and more.

Scott McNulty with Shannon Sudderth


“Prodigal Daughter” (DS9) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, senior editor at Mobile Nations and podcaster (Integrate, Cartoon Cast, and Disruption joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Prodigal Daughter (S7E11). During the final season of a complicated arc driven show it makes sense to pause and examine the home life of Ezri Dax, right? Scott speculates that the entire Star Trek universe economy revolves around mining, and the brief moments of seeing the rest of the cast are discussed, as is the disturbing lack of Australians in this episode.

Scott McNulty with Mikah Sargent


“Blaze of Glory” (DS9) with Caroline Siede


Caroline Siede, eclectic nerd and writer, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Blaze of Glory” (S5E23). Topics include whether Bashir is annoying or cute (could be be both?), the joys of Nog and Jake, and what’s the deal with that one guy’s wife?

Scott McNulty with Caroline Siede


“The Swarm” (VOY) with Marisa McClellan


Marisa McClellan, canner and cookbook author (three times over), joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Swarm” (S3E4). Lots of tiny spaceships, a disapproving Vulcan, and very little Harry Kim.

Scott McNulty with Marisa McClellan

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