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“Man of the People” (TNG) with Marcos Huerta


Marcos Huerta, astronomer, latino, and huge Trek/Sci-fi fan, joins Scott to discuss Man of the People (TNG S6E3). This episode is all Troi all the time (well, it is a lot of Troi, a lot of the time). Topics include how Troi’s character is largely defined by her relationships with other characters, the problematic nature of telepathy, 24th century medaitaror’s shocking lack of prepration for their jobs, and the astounding fact that Star Trek III isn’t as bad as you remember it.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Sword of Kahless.

Scott McNulty with Marcos Huerta

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“Symbiosis” (TNG) with Courtney Wilburn


Courtney Wilburn, web developer and Levar Burton fan, joins Scott to discuss Symbiosis (TNG S1E22). This is a very special episode of TNG where we learn about the perils of addiction and the questionable tactic of having your entire planet’s economy depend on one crop. Interesting fashion, the allure of TNG, and questions about Dr. Crusher’s medical acumen are all discussed as is the Prime Directive and how Capt. Picard seems to apply it capriciously in this episode.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Man of the People.

Scott McNulty with Courtney Wilburn


“The Search Part 1 and 2” (DS9) with Shareef Jackson


Shareef Jackson, STEM enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss “The Search, Part 1 and Part 2” (DS9 S3E1&2). This episode has everything: the revealing of the Founders, the introduction of the Defiant, and Odo turns into a rock. What more can you ask for? Topics include Star Trek captain’s surprising lack of family, how awesome the Defiant is, and the multilayered character that is Odo.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Symbiosis.

Scott McNulty with Shareef Jackson


“The Visitor” (DS9) with L.M. Myles


L.M. Myles, writer, podcaster, and Dr. Who fan, joins Scott to discuss “The Visitor” (DS9 S4E3), which, despite the name, doesn’t offer much screentime for Nana Visitor. Old Jake, Young Jake, and an unstuck in time Ben Sisko make for an interesting trio in this episode. Things discussed include popping in on your favorite reclusive writer (they love it!), how Jake causes the death of Dax, and whether or not you’d want to serve on a ship captained by Nog.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Search Part 1 & 2.

Scott McNulty with Liz Myles


“The Enemy Within” (TOS) with Frank Wu


Frank Wu, Hugo award winning artist, joins Scott to discuss "The Enemy Within" (TOS S1E4). Transporter malfunctions, freezing Sulus, dogs in costumes, and the monster that is inside all of us are all in this episode. Scott and Frank talk about the lyrics to the TOS theme song, what makes us us, the lack of empathy towards Yeoman Rand, and no one thought to take a parka down to an ice planet.

Next on Random Trek: The Visitor (DS9).

Scott McNulty with Frank Wu


“Lessons” (TNG) with Kara Scott


Kara Scott, poker player and reporter, joins Scott to discuss “Lessons” (TNG S6E19). Awkward kissing, poor Picard wardrobe choices, and a roll out keyboard - This episode has it all. Kara and Scott discuss all manner of things including what it is like to date a Capt. Kirk, mature relationships, and how Capt. Picard makes us a little gooey inside.

Next on Random Trek: The Enemy Within (TOS).

Scott McNulty with Kara Scott


“Death Wish” (VOY) with Merlin Mann


Merlin Mann, writer, podcaster, Internet nuisance, joins Scott to discuss Death Wish ( VOY S2E18). This episode proves that the only thing better than one Q is double the Q. Scott and Merlin also discuss timescales when you’re immortal, and if this episode is a good choice for watching with your young daughter.

Next on Random Trek: TNG’s Lessons.

Scott McNulty with Merlin Mann


“Inside Man” (VOY) with Clint Ecker


Clint Ecker, programmer and snazzy dresser, joins Scott to talk about “Inside Man” (VOY S7E06). This episode features Reg Barclay, a Random Trek favorite, and Troi. Who doesn’t like Troi? It also has a bonus Reg, creepy stalker behavior, and a great deal of space swimwear.

(Next week on Random Trek: Voyager’s Death Wish.)

Scott McNulty with Clint Ecker


“Shakaar” (DS9) with Derek Powazek


Derek Powazek, web developer turned farmer, joins Scott to discuss Deep Space Nine’s “Shakaar” (S3E24). Nothing says a Bajoran DS9 episode like the intersection of religion, internal politics, and agriculture. What do soil reclamators look like? We don’t know and we don’t care. Topics discussed include why we should like the Bajorans more (but we totally like the Cardassians better), dirt farmer, and what does a freedom figher do after they’ve won their freedom.

The novel Derek mentions is A Stitch in Time

Next on Random Trek: “Inside Man” (VOY).

Scott McNulty with Derek Powazek


“The Gift” (VOY) with Georgia Dow


Georgia Dow, psychotherapist, senior editor at iMore, and host of Isometric, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Gift” (S4E2). Shed a tear because this is Kes’ last episode (though why didn’t she take Neelix with her?). This also happens to be the first appearance of the deborgified 7 of 9 in her striking uniform (note the corset, people). Topics include: Georgia’s least favorite TNG character, Scott’s reaction to said least favorite character, one sided pancakes, and why the mention of either lucid dreaming or guided mediation is a warning that you might be watching a bad episode of Star Trek.

Scott McNulty with Georgia Dow


“The Devil in the Dark” with Collin Donnell


Collin Donnell, developer, twitterer, and brank hacker joins Scott to discuss one of the most iconic TOS episodes: The Devil in the Dark (S1E26). Door opening procedures, appropriate miner garb, Phaser 1 and Phaser 2, and basic mining colony administration tips are all discussed. Plus, the devil isn’t who you think it is (or is it? It isn’t).

Scott McNulty with Collin Donnell

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