A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“A Matter of Honor” (TNG) with Don Melton


Don Melton, Incomparable panelist and guy enjoying retirement, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “A Matter of Honor” (S2E8). Klingons do the wackiest things! And have poorly constructed ships. Also, Riker just likes doing things first.

Scott McNulty with Don Melton

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“Q Who?” (TNG) with Jason Kottke


Jason Kottke, purveyor of Fine Hypertext Products, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Q Who” (S2E16). Another Q episode! Topics include Sonya Gomez, Guinan’s super powers, and if the Borg are truly happy.

Scott McNulty with Jason Kottke


“Q-Less” (DS9) with Angelica Jade Bastién


Angelica Bastién, essayist and writer, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Q-Less” (S1E7). Topics include how the Klingons have had enough time in the limelight, Ezri Dax (not appearing this in episode), and how terrible Wesley Crusher is (who also doesn’t appear in this episode). Fair warning, this episode of Random Trek features some red alerts. You’ve been warned.

Scott McNulty with Angelica Jade Bastién


“The Lights of Zetar” (TOS) with Clint Ecker


Clint Ecker, programmer and snazzy dresser, joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “The Lights of Zetar” (S3E18). Topics include sexism IN SPACE, Scotty’s loneliness, and Shari Lewis.

Scott McNulty with Clint Ecker


“Where No One Has Gone Before” (TNG) with Katie Mack


Katie Mack, astrophysicist, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Where No One Has Gone Before” (S1E6). Topics include Wesley’s sweaters, the secrets of the universe (and why you shouldn’t email your theories to Katie), and jerky engineers with no ranks or communicators.

Scott McNulty with Katie Mack


“Trials and Tribble-ations” (DS9) with Jean MacDonald


Jean MacDonald, community manager at Micro.blog and founder of AppCamp4Girls, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Trials Tribble-ations” (S5E6). Topics include how great this episode is, Scott’s favorite parts, and if this is a good episode to introduce Deep Space Nine to your non-Star Trek interested friends.

Scott McNulty with Jean MacDonald


“Assignment: Earth” (TOS) with Melissa Bright


Melissa Bright, Star Trek fan and cat enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “Assignment: Earth” (S2E26). Topics include comic books, cats, the liberal usage of rocket footage, and blasé time travel.

Scott McNulty with Melissa Bright


“Counterpoint” (VOY) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, podcaster extraordinaire, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Counterpoint” (S5E10). Topics include the many talents of Capt. Janeway, how you can’t trust charming men, and what the heck happened to Tuvok anyway?

Scott McNulty with Mikah Sargent


“Fair Haven” (VOY) with Dan Moren


Dan Moren, promising young novelist, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Fair Haven” (S6E11) Topics include Dan’s first novel (“The Caledonian Gambit,” which you should buy), how Irish caricatures are offensive (Top o’ the morning to ya!), and the questionable choice of the Doctor to perform religious ceremonies.

Scott McNulty with Dan Moren


“Critical Care” (VOY) with Jason Snell


Jason Snell, head honcho of the Incomparable network, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Critical Care” (S7E5). Topics include the fact that neither Jason nor Scott had seen this episode before, healthcare, if the Doctor is a robot (or not), and Tuvok’s poor job performance.

Scott McNulty with Jason Snell


“The Royale” (TNG) with David J. Loehr


David J. Loehr, playwright about The Incomparable network joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The Royale” (S2E12) Topics include the many ways this episode could have been better, the large number of, “hey, it is that guy” actors in this show, and the NASA logo.

Scott McNulty with David J. Loehr

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