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“Message in a Bottle” (VOY) with Joel Mathis


Joel Mathis, associate editor at Philly Mag, and all around fun guy joins Scott to discuss Voyagers’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14). Andy Dick, holographic genitalia, and cool ships of Star Trek are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s “Playing God” (S2E17).

Scott McNulty with Joel Mathis

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“Dear Doctor” (ENT) with Dan Sturm


Dan Sturm, podcaster and director, joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13). Mistranslation hijinks, casual racism, and the Prime Directive before there was a Prime Directive are just some of the topics discussed.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14).

Scott McNulty with Dan Sturm


“Parallax” (VOY) with Shawn Blanc


Shawn Blanc, writer, Sweet Setuper, and focused individual, joins Scott to discuss “Parallax” (VOY S1E3). Blending a crew, black holes, poorly aging special effects, and the troubling relationship between Neelix and Kes are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: ENT’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13).

Scott McNulty with Shawn Blanc


“Muse” (VOY) with Becky Sweger


Becky Sweger, federal data enthusiast and bendystraw lover blogger joins Scott to talk about “Muse” (VOY S6E22). Topics include Star Trek captain’s hair, the distinct lack of space in this episode, and how Scott actually likes Harry Kim in episode. Plus there are some cool looking masks.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Parallax” (S1E3).

Scott McNulty with Becky Sweger


“The Forsaken” (DS9) with Eric Smith


Eric Smith, novelist, blogger, and all around geek, joins Scott to talk about “The Forsaken” (DS9 S1E17). Topics include what exactly was forsaken in this episode, Lwaxana Troi, the writers’ questionable grasp on how computers actually work, and pup.

Don’t forget to buy Eric’s book “Inked.”

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Muse” (S6E22).

Scott McNulty with Eric Smith


“Distant Origin” (VOY) with Josh de Lioncourt


Josh de Lioncourt, blogger, novelist, and podcaster (Maccessibility and Masters Cast) joins Scott to discuss Distant Origin (VOY S3E23). This episode introduces the truly awesome alien race the “Voth.” This episode is also the only appearance of the Voth in Voyager frowny face. Also discussed on the episode: Josh’s shocking thoughts on TNG, the odd structure of this episode, and did we mention how cool the Voth are? Because they’re cool.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s The Forsaken (S1E17).

Scott McNulty with Josh de Lioncourt


“Time and Again” (VOY) with Dan Koeppel


Dan Koeppel, freelance writer, banana expert, and Star Trek: TNG screenwriter (!), joins Scott to discuss “Time and Again” (VOY S1E4). Topics include the perils of having your episode share a name with a fantastic book, how the Voyager crew is like Hitler, 90’s child actors, guns that looks like guns, and tales of writing a Star Trek episode (specifically Inheritance which was covered in Random Trek episode 33).

Next on Random Trek: VOY S3E23 Distant Origin.

Scott McNulty with Dan Koeppel


“The Corbomite Maneuver” (TOS) with Clayton Morris


Clayton Morris, news guy, podcaster, and speaker, joins Scott to discuss the classic Original Series episode The Corbomite Maneuver (TOS S1E2). Topics discussed include the evolution of space exercise equipment, the ton of interesting shots used in this episode, space salads, and the horrible fate of Dave Bailey. Plus salient points on how odd looking, but well cast, Clint Howard is (we say it with love, Clint).

Next on Random Trek: VOY S1E4 Time and Again.

Scott McNulty


“Prime Factors” (VOY) with Alyssa Favreau


Alyssa Favreau, writer, designer, proofreader, fact checker, and copy editor, joins Scott to discuss Prime Factors (VOY S1E10). Though, to be honest, they don’t spend that much time talking about the episode. Topics include space bros, ranking Vulcans, and the many outfits of Star Trek. Plus Harry Kim and erotic breezes.

Next on Random Trek: The TOS classic The Corbomite Maneuver.

Scott McNulty with Alyssa Favreau


“Vis A Vis” (VOY) with Brian Hamilton


Brian Hamilton, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to discuss Vis a Vis (VOY S4E20). Tom Paris meets a crazy alien who steals ships and people’s DNA! Hilarity ensues. And what’s the deal with everyone in the future being obsessed with pop culture from about our current time period? Hmm? Also discussed the pleasures of working on holographic automobiles.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Prime Factors (S1E10).

Scott McNulty with Brian Hamilton


“Shattered” (VOY) with Philip Mozolak


Philip Mozolak, podcaster and TeeVee enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss Shattered (VOY S7E10). Chakotay visits Voyager’s past and future to find a way to unshatter the ship he loves. Or something. A stop in the holodeck, with ensuing hilarity, and the amazing skills of the Doctor round out this episode.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s Vis à Vis

Scott McNulty with Philip Mozolak

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