A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“Skin of Evil” (TNG) with Pete the Retailer


Pete the Retailer, co-host of AlphaBeatical and Star Wars Minute, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Skin of Evil (S1E23). Shed a tear for Tasha Yar, watch out for mobile oil slicks, and don’t worry about the shuttle pilot (no one on the episode does!).

Next on Random Trek… more surprises!

Scott McNulty with Pete the Retailer

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“Suspicions” (TNG) with Adam Rakunas


Adam Rakunas, novelist (buy his first book and pre-order his second!) joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Suspicions (S6E22). Everyone thinks Dr. Crusher is crazy… again. There’s a nice Ferengi scientist, lots of casual racism directed toward said scientist, and an alien with a soft, touchable face.

Next on Random Trek: What’s life without a little mystery?

Scott McNulty with Adam Rakunas


“The Next Phase” (TNG) with Justin Michael


Justin Michael, Star Trek fan, editor of Less than or Equal, and problem solver, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Next Phase (S5E24). Romulans, being out of phase, not thinking too hard about science, close talkers, and Ensign Ro are just a few of the topics covered in this episode.

Next on Random Trek… another surprise!

Scott McNulty with Justin Michael


“Rules of Acquisition” (DS9) with Jordan Miller


Jordan Miller, Star Trek fan and husband of another Random Trek guest, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Rules of Acquisition (S2E7). Topics include Tiny Ron, the lovely german language, the problematic nature of the Ferengi, and Morn.

Next on Random Trek… a surprise!

Scott McNulty


“Angel One” (TNG) with Alan R. C. Raventree


Alan R. C. Raventree, clockmaker and Trek fan, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Angel One (S1E14). Topics include misplaced freighters, what makes a grandfather clock tick, Riker’s chest hair, and lots and lots of ship talk.

Next on Random Trek DS9’s Rules of Acquisition (S2E7).

Scott McNulty with Alan R. C. Raventree


“Tuvix” (VOY) with Ken Gagne


Ken Gagne, gamer, youtuber, and polygamer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s Tuvix (S2E24). Tuvok and Neelix: two great tastes that taste great together? Well.. at least Tuvix isn’t as annoying as Neelix. Topics discussed include the Apple II, inviting your parents onto your podcast (while you can), where you’d like to live in the Star Trek universe, and some Voyager episode.

Next on Random Trek… something!

Scott McNulty with Ken Gagne


Joan McNulty


My mom, Joan McNulty, died on Sunday, March 6th, 2016. I thought it a fitting tribute to re-post her Random Trek appearance, so I hope you enjoy it (again or for the first time!).

You can read a bit more about my mom on my blog.

Scott McNulty with Joan McNulty


“Author, Author” (VOY) with Anna Tarkov


Anna Tarkov, podcaster and writer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s Author, Author (S7E20). Topics include the fact that a holonovel is really a video game, how Tom Paris is kind of a jerk, and the parallels that this episode draws with slavery make some of us a little uncomfortable.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Tuvix (S2E24).

Scott McNulty with Anna Tarkov


“The Andorian Incident” with Carrie Miller


Carrie Miller, chemistry professor and knitter, joins Scott to discuss ENT’s The Andorian Incident (S1E7). Topics include shifty Vulcans, how cool the Andorians look, Archer’s lack of patience, how cute Porthos is, and Star Trek cat trees.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Author, Author (S7E20).

Scott McNulty with Carrie Miller


“The Emissary” (TNG) with Maia Weinstock


Maia Weinstock, editor, writer, and LEGO enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s The Emissary (S2E20). Topics include admirals’ uniforms, Klingon mating rituals, Khelyr’s wardrobe, and ridiculous birdmen.

Next on Random Trek ENT’s The Andorian Incident (S1E7).

Scott McNulty with Maia Weinstock


“Time’s Arrow Part 1 and 2” (TNG) with David Gian-Cursio


David Gian-Cursio, 3D artist, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s Time’s Arrow Parts 1 and 2 (S5E26, S6E1). Topics include the 2016 Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar (in which David is the artist of February’s ship!), the fan art community, our favorite Star Trek movies, favorite characters, and also Time’s Arrow.

Next on Random Trek TNG’s The Emissary (S2E20).

Scott McNulty with David Gian-Cursio

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