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“One” (VOY) with Jim Metzendorf


Jim Metzendorf, author of “The Professional’s Guide to Audio Podcast Production” and editor of Random Trek, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s One (S4E25). How weird it is to talk to Scott, watching Star Trek: TNG a week early thanks to a sweet satellite dish, and the logistics of stasis tubes, and Riker’s beard are all discussed on this week’s episode.

Next on Random Trek TNG’s Time’s Arrow (Parts 1 & 2) (S5E26 and S6E1).

Scott McNulty with Jim Metzendorf

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“The Wire” (DS9) with Sabriel Mastin


Sabriel Mastin, freelance writer and games critic joins Scott to discuss DS9’s The Wire (S2E22). This is a Garak focused episode, so how could it be anything other than good? Topics include: do we learn anything about Garak in this episode? Do you need to watch every episode after this episode to truly appreciate it? Why does Bashir annoy Scott so much? And more!

Next on Random Trek VOY’s One (S4E25).

Scott McNulty with Sabriel Mastin


“Elogium” (VOY) with Rachel Donner


Rachel Donner, podcaster and hockey enthusiast, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s Elogium (S2E4). Procreation. That’s the theme of this episode and it revolves around Neelix and Kes. Yuck. That’s right, some space aliens make Kes enter her species’ mating phase and it is now or never if she wants to have a baby. Neelix is awful.

Next on Random Trek DS9’s The Wire (S2E4).

Scott McNulty with Rachel Donner


“The Omega Glory” (TOS) with Mikah Sargent


Mikah Sargent, tech enthusiast and co-host of Integrate and the Incomparable’s own Cartoon Cast, joins Scott to discuss The Original Series’ “The Omega Glory” (S2E25). We learn why Star Trek is suitable entertainment for the very religious, despite the skimpy costumes and the devilish Spock, casual racism is explored, and we ponder why Kirk would know the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next on Random Trek VOY’s Elogium (S2E4).

Scott McNulty with Mikah Sargent


“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” with David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar, and Jason Snell


David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar, and Jason Snell join Scott to discuss “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. That’s right, our first movie and it is a good one! You know the one, with the whales and the time travel and the colorful metaphors. Topics discussed include movies that start with the characters watching the previous movie, the shocking overlap between Vulcan and elven fashions, and why doesn’t Sulu do anything in this movie?

Next on Random Trek: The Omega Glory (TOS S2E25).

Scott McNulty with David J. Loehr, Tony Sindelar and Jason Snell


“Playing God” (DS9) with Warren Frey


Warren Frey, writer, editor, and podcaster (Radio Free Skaro) joins Scott to discuss “Playing God” (DS9 S217). Topics include ranking the Star Trek movies, Dr. Who, and voles. Oh, the voles.

Next on Random Trek: a hiatus until 2016. Enjoy the rest of 2015!

Scott McNulty with Warren Frey


“Message in a Bottle” (VOY) with Joel Mathis


Joel Mathis, associate editor at Philly Mag, and all around fun guy joins Scott to discuss Voyagers’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14). Andy Dick, holographic genitalia, and cool ships of Star Trek are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: DS9’s “Playing God” (S2E17).

Scott McNulty with Joel Mathis


“Dear Doctor” (ENT) with Dan Sturm


Dan Sturm, podcaster and director, joins Scott to discuss Enterprise’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13). Mistranslation hijinks, casual racism, and the Prime Directive before there was a Prime Directive are just some of the topics discussed.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Message in a Bottle” (S4E14).

Scott McNulty with Dan Sturm


“Parallax” (VOY) with Shawn Blanc


Shawn Blanc, writer, Sweet Setuper, and focused individual, joins Scott to discuss “Parallax” (VOY S1E3). Blending a crew, black holes, poorly aging special effects, and the troubling relationship between Neelix and Kes are all discussed.

Next on Random Trek: ENT’s “Dear Doctor” (S1E13).

Scott McNulty with Shawn Blanc


“Muse” (VOY) with Becky Sweger


Becky Sweger, federal data enthusiast and bendystraw lover blogger joins Scott to talk about “Muse” (VOY S6E22). Topics include Star Trek captain’s hair, the distinct lack of space in this episode, and how Scott actually likes Harry Kim in episode. Plus there are some cool looking masks.

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Parallax” (S1E3).

Scott McNulty with Becky Sweger


“The Forsaken” (DS9) with Eric Smith


Eric Smith, novelist, blogger, and all around geek, joins Scott to talk about “The Forsaken” (DS9 S1E17). Topics include what exactly was forsaken in this episode, Lwaxana Troi, the writers’ questionable grasp on how computers actually work, and pup.

Don’t forget to buy Eric’s book “Inked.”

Next on Random Trek: VOY’s “Muse” (S6E22).

Scott McNulty with Eric Smith

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