A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“Prototype” (VOY) with Gavia Baker Whitelaw


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, staff writer at the Daily Dot and co-host of Overinvested Podcast, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Prototype” (S2E13). Topics include the perils of picking up random robots in space, Star Trek: Discovery, and B’Elanna.

Scott McNulty with Gavia Baker Whitelaw

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“Future Tense” (ENT) with Marisa McClellan


Marisa McClellan, canning expert and one half of Local Mouthful joins Scott to discuss ENT’s “Future Tense” (S2E16). Topics include odd firing stances, the Temporal Cold War, and the many ways this episode could have been improved.

Scott McNulty with Marisa McClellan


“Rascals” (TNG) with Husani Oakley


Husani Oakley, CTO, speaker, and thinker, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Rascals” (S6E07). Topics include child actors, Riker being the best dad, and how non-threatening Ferengi are even when they are threatening to murder children.

Scott McNulty with Husani Oakley


“Defiant” (DS9) with Aleen Simms


Aleen Simms, podcaster and App Launcher, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “ Defiant” (S3E09). Topics include how pretty William T. Riker is, why Kira needs to solve everyone’s problems, and Scott’s continual failure to pronounce names correctly.

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Scott McNulty with Aleen Simms


“The Collaborator” (DS9) with Glenn Fleishman

rt161.jpg Glenn Fleishman, the original Unsolicited Pundit, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “The Collaborator” (S2E24). Topics include how awesome DS9 is, why all Bajorans seem to vote for the Kai, and Vedek Winn’s hat.

Scott McNulty with Glenn Fleishman


“Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy” (VOY) with Helene Wecker


Helene Wecker, author of “The Golem and the Jinni”, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy” (S6E4). Topics include the reasons not to project someone’s fantasies in the holodeck, Harry Kim being the worst, and dramatically appearing pips.

Scott McNulty with Helene Wecker


“What Are Little Girls Made Of?” (TOS) with John Moltz


John Moltz, freelance writer and podcaster (tech here, parenting here), joins Scott to discuss TOS’s “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” (S1E9). Topics include strange rock formations, why you should never trust anyone who claims to own an android, and Capt. Kirk’s magic kisses.

Scott McNulty with John Moltz


“The Most Toys” (TNG) with Kathy Campbell


Kathy Campbell, Unicorn, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “The Most Toys” (S3E22). Topics include Scott’s amazing ability to remember the names of Star Trek series, the lack of any Data nudity in this episode, and shooting at poisoned water.

Scott McNulty with Kathy Campbell


“A Matter of Honor” (TNG) with Don Melton


Don Melton, Incomparable panelist and guy enjoying retirement, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “A Matter of Honor” (S2E8). Klingons do the wackiest things! And have poorly constructed ships. Also, Riker just likes doing things first.

Scott McNulty with Don Melton


“Q Who?” (TNG) with Jason Kottke


Jason Kottke, purveyor of Fine Hypertext Products, joins Scott to discuss TNG’s “Q Who” (S2E16). Another Q episode! Topics include Sonya Gomez, Guinan’s super powers, and if the Borg are truly happy.

Scott McNulty with Jason Kottke


“Q-Less” (DS9) with Angelica Jade Bastién


Angelica Bastién, essayist and writer, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Q-Less” (S1E7). Topics include how the Klingons have had enough time in the limelight, Ezri Dax (not appearing this in episode), and how terrible Wesley Crusher is (who also doesn’t appear in this episode). Fair warning, this episode of Random Trek features some red alerts. You’ve been warned.

Scott McNulty with Angelica Jade Bastién

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