A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.


“Eye of the Needle” (VOY) with Ron Bronson


Ron Bronson, strategic designer, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Eye of the Needle” (S1E7). Topics include Finnish baseball, DS9, and the narrow wormhole problems we encounter in everyday life.

Scott McNulty with Ron Bronson

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“Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (DS9) with Guy English


Guy English, frequent guest on the show, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “Take Me Out to the Holosuite” (S7E4). Topics include baseball (so much baseball!), Vulcan racists, and the United Federation of Planets anthem.

Scott McNulty with Guy English


“Hatchery” (ENT) with Aaron Reynolds


Aaron Reynolds, the man behind Swear Trek and Bat Labels, joins Scott to discuss ENT’s “Hatchery” (S3E17). Topics include Star Trek movies, the Xindi, and the best Enterprise characters.

Scott McNulty with Aaron Reynolds


“Marauders” (ENT) with Kelly Guimont


Kelly Guimont, writer, AppCamp4Girls cheerleader, and Incomparable panelist joins Scott to discuss ENT’s “Marauders” (S2E6). Topics include what to wear while on an away team, bumbling Klingons, and Vulcan ninjas.

Scott McNulty with Kelly Guimont


“If Wishes Were Horses” (DS9) with Andi


Andi from Women at Warp joins Scott to discuss DS9’s “If Wishes Were Horses” (S1E16). Topics include sex kitten Dax, why bad Trek is still fun trek, and the future of baseball.

Scott McNulty with Andi


“The Omega Directive” (VOY) with Mikayla Micomonaco


Mikayla Micomonaco, co-host of The Web of Queer, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “The Omega Directive” (S4E21). Topics include Starfleet’s continuing, and shocking, lack of security, Janeway’s management style, and poor old Harry Kim.

Scott McNulty with Mikayla Micomonaco


“Maneuvers” (VOY) with Lisa Granshaw


Lisa Granshaw, freelance writer, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “Maneuvers” (S2E11). Topics include favorite captains (sorry, Archer), least favorite characters (I’m looking at you, Harry Kim), and Seska: awesome or not?

Scott McNulty with Lisa Granshaw


“Imperfection” (VOY) with L.M. Myles


L.M. Myles writer, podcaster, and Dr. Who fan, joins Scott to discuss Voyager’s “Imperfection” (S7E2). Topics include Romulans (who don’t appear in the episode), Klingons (who also do not appear in the episode), and strong woman characters (which do appear in this episode).

Here’s a link to Liz’s very impressive win of our Star Trek trivia game.

Scott McNulty with Liz Myles


“Civil Defense” (DS9) with Jess Fink


Jess Fink, illustrator and comic maker, joins Scott to discuss DS9’s Civil Defense (S3E7). Topics covered include the distinct lack of making out on Star Trek, Gul Dukat’s appeal (of course), Bashir and Garak’s lunches.

Just a note that this episode features some adult language and topics. Plus making out.

Scott McNulty with Jess Fink


“Power Play” (TNG) with Anne Zander


Anne Zander, actor, writer, and improviser, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Power Play (S5E15). On this episode we talk about how creepy it is for familiar characters to act very differently, we question Riker’s leg placement, a doorbell rings, and glittery convicts gather in a cylinder.

Scott McNulty with Anne Zander


“Transfigurations” (TNG) with Len Webb


Len Weeb, creator and producer of the Black Tribbles, joins Scott to talk about TNG’s Transfigurations (S3E25). Geordi talks a woman, O’Brien kayaks, and another energy blob leaves the ship.

Special thanks to Radio Theater’s David J. Loehr for the use of his silky smooth radio guy voice.

Scott McNulty with Len Webb

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