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The Empire Strikes Back (Movie)

Not Playing with Lex and Dan 3.6: The Empire Strikes Back

We return to season 3 of Not Playing with the rare sequel that arguably surpasses its predecessor—at least as far as one of our panelists is concerned. Roguish smuggler Lex Friedman puts his trust in card player, gambler, and scoundrel Dan Moren to lead him through the 1980 masterpiece The Empire Strikes Back.

Hot topics include the most awkward dinner ever, disconcerting tauntaun animations, and, of course, why puppet Yoda is better than CGI Yoda.

Programming Note: In addition to this capsule episode, which contains our discussion before and after the film, members can watch along with Lex and Dan in a full-length commentary track, available in the members-only First Class feed. If you’re not already a member, why not sign up? And if you are, now’s a great time to update your membership allocations and maybe throw a little support in the direction of Not Playing. Thanks!

Lex Friedman and Dan Moren

Defocused 71: That's the Mallrats Line

As it turns out, we don’t agree on everything. Who knew?

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm

The Incomparable 68: Jedi Weekend

Gather some bounty hunters and warm up the carbon freezer! It’s time for the conclusion of our epic discussion of “The Empire Strikes Back.” We dissect the evolution of the Han-Leia relationship, the truly playful nature of Yoda and the importance of Dagobah, Vader’s agenda and his crunchy gloves, and Luke’s continuing adventures with garbage.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, John Siracusa and Serenity Caldwell

The Incomparable 67: Darth Vader's Office is Really Weird

Launch your probe droids and cut open your tauntaun! It’s time for part one of our two-part discussion of “The Empire Strikes Back.” Does Han Solo just want to be loved? Is Chewie sabotaging the Falcon on purpose? Why is snowy Hoth the setting? Why is Ben Kenobi a man of few words? Who’s scruffy-lookin’? And what is the purpose for Darth Vader’s clamshell office, anyway?

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, John Siracusa and Serenity Caldwell