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  • Phil and Lisa Ruin the Movies cover art
    Phil and Lisa Ruin the Movies September 29, 2019
    39 Phil and Lisa Ruin the X-Men Draft

    In this crossover with episode 480 of The Incomparable, Phil and Lisa break down the draft choices made in the X-Men draft. It not you, it Gambit.

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership September 29, 2019 X-Men Draft
    480 The Whole McCoy

    Jason’s commitment to drafting things as a lifestyle continues in this episode, in which he’s joined by six panelists to draft X-Men from across movies, TV, and comics. The goal is to form a four-person X-Team, complete with names. Along the way we learn a lot about childhood loves, softball, vampires, the basics of German, and how the coolest and worst X-Men can co-exist.

  • Biff! cover art
    Biff! September 17, 2019 Our earliest superhero media
    15 Growing up super

    We continue our hiatus between shows filled with freeform topics. This week, we discuss the superhero media that we grew up with—TV shows, movies, comics, even books!—and how it shaped our involvement with the genre. Then, a brief Superhero Sweep touches on the new new Suicide Squad movie, and in our Letters Page we transplant a Star Trek episode into the superhero genre.

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  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership June 4, 2016 The X-Men
    303 Kitty's in Space Now

    We celebrate all of mutantkind with a broad discussion of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men, especially the versions we grew up reading in comics. What makes their outsider status resonate? Where should new readers start? And we choose some of our favorite X-Men characters in a sequence of choices that is definitely not a draft.

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership September 27, 2010 TV Adaptations of Comic Books
    6 Go Ahead, Lisa, Destroy My Childhood

    Comic Book Club returns! This week we talk about TV adaptations of comic books, TV shows inspired by comic books, comic books that would make good TV shows, and more. Plus, random discussion of X-Men Annuals, the Micronauts, and why Reed Richards is a douche (in X-Men Annual #5, anyway).