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  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership November 21, 2021 “Last Action Hero”
    590 The Car Explodes In Midair

    We’ve gathered the family around the table to celebrate F’sgiving, a thing we just made up in which we care enough to watch a film featuring F. Murray Abraham. In this case it’s “Last Action Hero,” a movie that Wikipedia claims is a cult classic. We don’t know about that, but it certainly is unjustly maligned. This is a big, loud action movie that is also a parody and celebration of big, loud action movies. Sure, it’s got its flaws—we’re looking at you, kid—but there’s a whole lot to like.

  • Unjustly Maligned cover art
    Unjustly Maligned March 30, 2015 “Last Action Hero”
    5 "Last Action Hero" with Alison Baker

    Comics podcaster and Charles Dance fangirl Alison Baker joins Antony to convince him the existential 1993 Schwarzenegger movie “Last Action Hero” is unjustly maligned, how the movie was sadly ahead of its time, and why Dance should thank Alan Rickman’s agent.