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    Watchers of the Plus August 24, 2022
    27 When Pounding Sand for Prey, Make Sure Your History is Correct

    It is time for getting deep into many stories starting and closing. Sam and Moze blast through the shows that have excited us. Moze shows his toxic nature by pushing against the notion that Native American history should not be changed even when it involves predatory fictional aliens. Lock in and fire this Vulcan cannon of content.

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    Watchers of the Plus July 8, 2022
    26 Some Boys Are Nicer Than Others

    Overlapping content streams are happening. There are great things and chaff. Sam and Moze take a look at a boy named Obi and another named Butcher. This one is full of hot takes straight out of the oven. Some my say we might have been accused of hate watching. They are wrong, we just make choices in the binge.

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    Watchers of the Plus June 15, 2022
    24 Shoot that Compound V! "The Boys" S3E1-3

    Moze was in the Emerald Isle looking to the future while Sam was doing the powerful event of linking himself for life in wedlock. Let’s get freaking nuts with the best superhero show on the net.


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    TeeVee October 18, 2020 The Boys Season 2, Episode 8
    670 The Boys S2E8 review: "What I Know"

    Here we are at the end of the season, and on one hand it felt too short, but on the other… there’s a satisfaction that the season was trim and lean with no saggy guts. Who survived the finale and who had the highest body count? Sam and Moze look at how good art mirrors life, even if we don’t like the reflection. Let’s bring it in to the huddle for one last play on the pitch.


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    Biff! October 16, 2020 What We’re Watching
    66 What We're Watching

    It’s a far-ranging show this week, as we discuss the shows we’re watching. We have a throwback conversation about the first season of Daredevil, as well as the potential future for Netflix’s Marvel characters in the MCU, plus a frank discussion of what doesn’t appeal to us about The Boys. Then, in our Superhero Sweep segment, we discuss the recently greenlit (eh? ehhh?) Green Lantern series at HBO Max, and our first peek at Marvel’s stop-motion animated MODOK series. Plus, we sneak in a little Star Trek talk. Of course.

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    TeeVee October 7, 2020 The Boys Season 2, Episode 7
    669 The Boys S2E7 review: "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker"

    The penultimate episode is here and it’s most assuredly not for the kids. “The Boys” proves that it has the power to transcend the superhero genre. Rub-a-dub-dub, this episode could be part one of Billy Butcher’s magnum war opus masterpiece of death. Then again, our boys could be back to square one with a few heads of state missing. Join us as we sift through the leftover grey matter.


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    TeeVee September 29, 2020 The Boys Season 2, Episode 6
    668 The Boys S2E6 review: "The Bloody Doors Off"


    The Boys encounter an old enemy when they go on a mission to a psych ward only to run into Lamplighter. We get some reveal of our pal Frenchy and just how he got to be the most creative super killer of the Boys. Stormfront comes clean about her history and we have to ask, does Homelander trust her?

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    TeeVee September 24, 2020 The Boys Season 2, Episode 5
    667 The Boys S2E5 review: "We Gotta Go Now"

    We peel back a bit more Billy Butcher history, as well as the faces of some bad guys. Each episode seems to be building to an inevitable fight for the boys. Sam and Moze just can’t seem to find the lines of attack. Come and join the conversation.


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    TeeVee September 16, 2020 The Boys Season 2, Episodes 3-4
    666 The Boys S2E3-4 review

    Welcome to TeeVee 666, the episode number EVERYONE but Moze was too scared and superstitious to own! What beast has been unleashed for ‘The Boys’?


    The wrecking crew is back at full capacity! From coasting clean on yachts to breaking blowholes Homelander and Stormfront have a menace coming their way. Have no fear as Sam and Moze wipe down their blood brows to break these episodes down and prognosticate the future of this season.

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    TeeVee September 7, 2020 The Boys: Season 2, Episodes 1-2
    663 The Boys S2E1-2 review: "The Big Ride" & "Proper Preparation and Planning"

    Welcome to the first of many episodes dedicated to “The Boys.” Amazon was almost too gracious and dropped three for a dynamic beginning. Sam and Moze wanted to get the party started by reviewing the first, as to not be considered “Super-Terrorists.”


    The season 2 table stakes begin with our boys in hiding and their foul-mouthed silver tongued Billy Butcher falling from the skies high above somewhere in Indiana.

    Come join the party and see who lives, who dies and who gets jacked with some Compound V!