“Westworld” S1E10

In which Kelly and Don record a quick reaction show moments after the episode ended, only to go most of an hour anyway. You know. Real quick like.

“Westworld” S1E9

In which Kelly’s Episode Nine On HBO Theory is exquisitely disproven. Don and Kelly discuss the latest happenings both in the park and in HQ, and ponder What It All Means for the season finale.

“Westworld” S1E8

Not a lot happened in an episode where a lot happened!

Kelly has a theory about The Magical Ninth Episode On HBO. Don tries to keep the show on track since Kelly forgets to introduce herself after being excited to have a guest on, Ged Maheux from The Iconfactory.

“Westworld” S1E6-7

Kelly and Don return with a breakdown of the two latest mindblowing episodes of HBO’s “Westworld.”

“Westworld” S1E1-5

Greetings from the Uncanny Valley! In this first episode, Kelly and Don bring you theories and speculation from the first half of this “Westworld” season.