Westworld Reaction S2E10: The Passenger

For the last time (for now), your “hosts” Kelly and Don get together for an initial reaction to an episode of Westworld, this one specifically being the Season Two finale. Join them for a slightly longer reaction since it includes 50% more episode than normal and some thoughts on the reaction shows this year.

Westworld S2E9 Reaction: Vanishing Point

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don barrel through the penultimate episode and discuss where we are as we head into the season finale.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 8 Analysis: Kiksuya

Once again your “hosts” Kelly and Don are joined by Tom Bridge as they step into analysis for Episode 8. Kelly finally gets her Ghost Nation episode, now she just has a squillion other questions about them instead.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7 Analysis: Les Écorchés

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don come to you LIVE from WWDC! No really! They’re in the same place at the same time!

Westworld Season 2, Episode 8 Reaction: Kiksuya

Well it finally happened. Your “hosts” Kelly and Don ended up a few minutes over time after this monumental episode. Most of the overage is Kelly being super excited about finally getting this particular episode, and then even more excited to actually be right about something.

Westworld Season 2, Episode 7 Reaction: Les Écorchés

Your “host” Kelly has to tag in two other Westworld theorizers since Don is in the body shop at the moment. Welcome Curtis and Christopher to a completely improvised setup after they finish watching near WWDC using Kelly’s iPhone and some number of adapters.

Westworld S2E6 Analysis: Phase Space

This week, “hosts” Kelly and Don are joined by fellow Westworld fan Tom Bridge, who discusses the evolution of the season so far, thoughts on Shogun World, and we watch Don wave from the station as Kelly and Tom hop on board a theory train.

Westworld S2E6 Reaction: Phase Space

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don react to yet another ho-hum episode of Season 2 of Westworld and wonder if we’re ever going to get any more actual plot advancement.*

*This is what the young people call “sarcasm.”

Westworld S2E5 Analysis: Akane No Mai

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don step into analysis for S2E5 of Westworld! They dig deep into theories, discuss what happened, and ponder the halfway point of Season Two.

Westworld S2E5 Reaction: Akane No Mai

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don flip out, theorize, and give their impressions S2E5 of Westworld after seeing it once. Hear them race the clock to get all their thoughts into twenty minutes!

Westworld S2E4 Analysis: Riddle of the Sphinx

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don discuss the latest episode of Westworld at length with friend of the show Jim Truher! Come for the theories, stay for the brain velvet cupcakes!


Westworld S2E4 Reaction: Riddle of the Sphinx

“Hosts” Kelly and Don give their initial reactions to the latest episode of Westworld, the aesthetic of the (hatch) “apartment,” and Kelly coins the phrase Brain Velvet Cupcakes much to Don’s delight.


Westworld S2E3 Analysis: Virtu E Fortuna

Your “hosts” Don and Kelly take a deep dive into the third episode of Season Two, pondering what it all means and discussing a couple of the answers given in this episode. It goes without saying this might be a bit of a bummer if you haven’t seen the episode first…


Westworld S2E3 Reaction: Virtu E Fortuna

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don race the clock to talk about all the things they did (and didn’t) see in the latest episode. Does it sound like anything to you?


Westworld S2E2 Analysis: Reunion

After their initial reaction, your “hosts” Kelly and Don had some time to review and ponder and spin up their own personal theory machines including a couple that get created in the middle of recording the episode!


Westworld S2E2 Reaction: Reunion

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don discuss Episode Two which answered a half ton of questions, but generated a ton more. Listen to them race against the clock!


Westworld S2E1 Analysis: Journey Into Night

You got the quick reaction episode, now see how your “hosts” Kelly and Don feel about the second season premiere after a few days of introspection and more viewings of the first episode.


Westworld Reaction S2E1: Journey Into Night

Your “Hosts” Kelly and Don are back for Season Two, with their attempt at a quick episode immediately after watching the season premiere. Really, they tried.


Westworld Rewind, S1E4: Dissonance Theory

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you some news and some discussion of the fourth episode of Westworld along with “guest” Jim Truher making his podcasting debut! Come for the rewatch, stay for the theories.


Westworld Rewind Bonus: Full S2 Trailer

We officially got a Season Two Trailer. So of course your “hosts” Kelly and Don watched it many times, obsessed over it, spun up a bunch of theories, and then tried to stuff two hours of analysis into a 15 minute sack.


Westworld Rewind, S1E3: The Stray

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you some news, some in-depth discussion of #NoFrameWasted, and continue to amuse themselves (and hopefully you) with theories about what happens in Season Two. (Insert spoiler warning here)


Westworld Rewind, S1E2: Chestnut

Your “hosts” Kelly and Don give you a bit of news, their thoughts on what they want aside from the television episodes, and introduce you to the Patron Saint of the Uncanny Valley.

Note: Discussion of the Super Bowl ad happened in a bonus episode you can hear separately.


Westworld Rewind, Bonus Episode: Season Two Trailer

Kelly and Don spent a couple of afternoons geeking out on the Super Bowl ad and the companion extended trailer. Kelly set a timer and they both work against the clock to tell you all the good parts (narrator: they’re all good parts).


Westworld Rewind, S1E1: The Original

Kelly and Don return at last for some news, a recap of the first episode now that we Know What Happens, and try not to deviate too far from their loops.


Greetings from the Uncanny Valley: Westworld S1E10

In which Kelly and Don record a quick reaction show moments after the episode ended, only to go most of an hour anyway. You know. Real quick like.


Greetings from the Uncanny Valley: Westworld S1E9

In which Kelly’s Episode Nine On HBO Theory is exquisitely disproven. Don and Kelly discuss the latest happenings both in the park and in HQ, and ponder What It All Means for the season finale.


Greetings from the Uncanny Valley: Westworld S1E8

Not a lot happened in an episode where a lot happened!

Kelly has a theory about The Magical Ninth Episode On HBO. Don tries to keep the show on track since Kelly forgets to introduce herself after being excited to have a guest on, Ged Maheux from The Iconfactory.


Greetings from the Uncanny Valley: Westworld S1E6-7

Kelly and Don return with a breakdown of the two latest mindblowing episodes of HBO’s Westworld.


Greetings from the Uncanny Valley: Westworld S1E1-5

Greetings from the Uncanny Valley! In this first episode, Kelly and Don bring you theories and speculation from the first half of the first season of Westworld. (Mostly because they didn’t start the podcast until halfway through the season.)