Agents of SMOOCH #12 July 3, 2020
Virtual Summer Vacation: Crocodile Dundee

Sepsis Waiting to Happen

Our Virtual Vacation continues with a stop in Australia for 1986’s Crocodile Dundee with Paul Hogan. It’s always risky when you revisit the hits of 35 years ago. We remembered the heady of days of being a reporter with a seemingly bottomless budget. And how the movie inspired all of us to put Australia on our travel lists. Did it age well? Were we pleasantly surprised? At least when you travel back to the 80s you are guaranteed to get some awesome wardrobe choices. Linda Kozlowski as reporter Sue Charlton did not let us down. Come back to the 80s Outback with us, if you dare. It’s not just the crocodiles that are dangerous.

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Show Notes

Star Packed Fake Dundee Junior Sequel Commercial that does a good job of making Australia look very pretty.

There really is a 2020 sort of sequel to Crocodile Dundee, The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee.

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