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The Matrix Reloaded (Movie)

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Agents of SMOOCH 70: One Might Say a Trinity

The Agents who have gathered for this mission really like The Matrix. Like really like it. We even like the sequels like it. And they are all very excited for the fourth installment dropping this December. We’re here to decide if this trilogy is really is as smoochworthy as we remember. Is it our destiny to find The One in The Matrix? Be ready for wild speculation about numbers and the upcoming fourth movie. Forget blowing up helicopters and buildings, we blow our own minds.

Annette Wierstra with Sarah Hendrica Bickerton, Sandra Wong and Erika Ensign

Defocused 163: I Am the "How Is Babby Formed" of Car Maintenance

Stick my head up The Matrix’s butt.

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm

Unjustly Maligned 74: "The Matrix Reloaded" with Filip Selldén

“The Matrix Reloaded” wasn’t the sequel people were expecting, but was swapping bullets for brains really such a bad idea? Filip Selldén joins Antony to explain why making a modern Superman movie was the Wachowski’s best option.

Antony Johnston with Filip Selldén