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Real Genius (Movie)

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Myke at the Movies 1: "Real Genius"

Myke and Jason take on 1985’s “Real Genius,” starring Val Kilmer.

Myke Hurley with Jason Snell

Defocused 31: I Like a Good Montage

This week we discuss the 80s cult classic Real Genius (1985) with Chris Knight super-fan Jason Snell.

Joe Rosensteel and Dan Sturm with Jason Snell

The Incomparable 33: "I Drank What?"

The lesson learned? Never share anything you love with John Siracusa. Like, for example, “Real Genius.” Or any ’80s movie. Or any ’80s anything. Or from-any-other-time anything. Fear John Siracusa, for he is the destroyer of dreams.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, John Siracusa, Glenn Fleishman and Serenity Caldwell