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  • Agents of SMOOCH cover art
    Agents of SMOOCH July 22, 2022 Stranger Things
    83 6 Kids and an RV

    Our agents want to talk about Stranger Things. It is a nostalgic-filled, horror-fueled, teen drama with SO many ships to sail. Join us on this mission that covers all four seasons of the show. This episode is full of spoilers but our Agents spend little time talking about the plot. We do talk about character arcs and relationship development. The Agents realize that they have impassioned opinions about OTPs the NOT OTPs and who is the most boring burger. Not even our Agents knew how much they cared until they got into it. We have a lot to say about all the ships. So buckle up and come with us on this mission to Jopperland.

    We get a bit excited and a few expletives slip out. So be warned if that matters to you.

  • TV Talk Machine cover art
    TV Talk Machine September 2, 2016 “You’re the Worst”, “Narcos”, “Stranger Things”
    97 A Monkey in a Room Switching Channels

    “You’re the Worst” and “Narcos” return, Tim and Jason finally watched “Stranger Things”, and Tim answers many more of your letters.

  • TeeVee cover art
    TeeVee August 6, 2016 The first season of “Stranger Things.”
    187 "Stranger Things": Season 1 review

    Grab your Wrist Rockets and toast some Eggos—it’s time to talk Stranger Things! Even though only one of our panel was alive when the show takes place, we talk ’80s influences, our favorite characters, theories about Season 2, and much more.