Tim Goodman, chief television critic for The Hollywood Reporter, talks regularly with Jason Snell about what’s going on in television, what shows to watch, and what shows to skip. This podcast is released simultaneously worldwide to all international markets for your binge-listening pleasure.

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You’re Not a TV Fish

This week Tim has some advice for the Obamas about their potential deal with Netflix, plus reviews of “Krypton” and yes, the CBS drama “Instinct.” Plus listeners have feelings about the ways that Netflix has wronged them.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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A Picture of Pete

It’s hard to make a TV show even in an era of peak TV, but what’s even harder is finding an audience willing (and aware enough) to return for a second season. As “Atlanta”, “Jessica Jones”, “Sneaky Pete” and “Legion” return, why is it so hard to break through and reach viewers for a second season? Also, Tim reviews HBO’s “Barry” and the return of “Sneaky Pete”, and we still have time to fit in two classic reader letters about the past and future of foreign-language dubbing.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Through the Warmhole

This week Tim brings back the Power Rankings and reviews the new show from the creator of “Luther”, plus we have a whole lot of follow-up about Netflix season summaries, dubbing, and the Olympics. Finally, we may have reached Peak Cop/Not-a-Cop.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Whole-Face Burn-Off

The show is not cancelled! After a week off, we’re back to discuss Tim’s latest reviews—of “Everything Sucks”, “Final Space”, “McMafia”, and season two of “Atlanta.” Also, who’s winning the streaming wars? And we answer your letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Old-School Grandma Network

Are we living in a golden age for televised science fiction and fantasy? Tim thinks it might be possible. We discuss “Altered Carbon” and wonder if it’s just the latest in a string of prestige, high-profile series that have elevated the genre to new heights.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


They’re Like Floppy Disks

So many reviews, so little time! In this tight-and-bright edition of the TVTM, we’ve got Tim’s reviews of three new series: HBO’s supernatural family drama “Here and Now”, Netflix’s spectacular sci-fi noir “Altered Carbon”, and Amazon’s Bulgarian FBI drama “Absentia”. Plus, a quick run through some letters about bad titles, “Detectorists”, cold hard cash, and the merits of remaining indoors.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Don’t Bring a BB Gun

This week we talk about all the topics in Tim’s grab-bag column, including the roles of various premium cable channels in the TV landscape, the size of Apple’s TV budget, and the fate of Hulu. We also read your letters, including more praise of “Sad Spies” (“Patriot”), an Ohio geography update, and an Important Cricket Correction.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Intelligent Fish

This week Tim takes you under the sea for “Blue Planet 2”, tries to understand the origins of Steven Soderbergh’s “Mosaic”, and praises (one last time?) “Detectorists.” Then it’s time to muse about the role of a TV critic in the era of peak TV and if it’s better to bypass shows that you know aren’t worth anyone’s time. We close with a surprising range of listener letters from all over the world, and Ohio too!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The End of the Foxing World

This week David Letterman returns to TV with a new Netflix interview show, Jason gets excited about Starz’s “Counterpart”, Tim dives in to Amazon’s new sci-fi anthology series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”, and we ponder what is to become of the Fox network after it’s severed from its parent studio. Plus, Jason’s love letter to “Detectorists”, Tim jumps aboard the “End of the Fxxxing World” bandwagon, and a letter writer might have gaslighted us—or is it gaslit?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It’s Not Even a Show

It’s 2018 and we’ve got a fresh start! This week Tim ignores all the Golden Globes predictions, pans a network comedy, and is forced to pick some of his least favorite things of 2017. Plus, Jason takes possession of “screeners” and watches some sad spies.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


You Got Me More Television!

This week Tim reviews “Gunpowder”, a perfectly nice HBO historical miniseries he didn’t ask for, and then talks about his contributions to lists of the best TV episodes and performances of the year. Then we turn to dive into Disney’s purchase of Fox, which has huge ramifications for the future of TV. Finally, we turn to Tim’s carefully curated playlists of Christmas music!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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