Tim Goodman, chief television critic for The Hollywood Reporter, talks regularly with Jason Snell about what’s going on in television, what shows to watch, and what shows to skip. This podcast is released simultaneously worldwide to all international markets for your binge-listening pleasure.

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Do Not Be That

This week Tim uses the example of the Golden Globes to shame the Emmys into being better; we discuss the return of “Counterpart” and what made us like its first season so much; and Jason supplies a Slow Binge update while Tim calibrates his year-end best-of lists.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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They’re Already Drowning

This week we make lists, and more lists, as Tim discusses the evolving world of the TV critic. YouTube and Facebook go back to basics. And we heap just a little more praise on “Patriot,” because why not.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Time is Precious

This week Tim reviews “Escape at Dannemora” and then we break down the success of Fox News and wonder why nobody has successfully created an equivalent on the left. Along the way we insult TV news in general and CNN in particular. Plus, Jason tries a TV tracking app and we read your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell



The sad spies of Amazon’s amazing and excellent “Patriot” have returned, and you can watch the whole series on Prime Video, so you’ll know what Tim and Jason are raving about this week. We also discuss HBO’s “Sally4Ever”, Tim’s desire for David Simon (or someone!) to create a groundbreaking TV series based on a recent New York Times article, and we read several of your tweets and letters.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Clocks Into the Grinder

This week Tim and Jason are overwhelmed with the volume of television that continues to fall out of the skies and into our laps. But from out of deep memory come some shows worth revisiting, whether it’s the existential “Les Revenants” on Netflix, the return of “The Man in the High Castle” on Amazon, or even the Netflix arrival of “Get Shorty.” Plus we answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Last Hour Is 75 Minutes

The world of TV is changing rapidly, and we’re here to break it down for you. This week Tim reviews British import “Bodyguard”, ABC ’70s comedy “The Kids Are All Right”, and then we dive into Tim’s rankings of streaming services new and old and begin to ponder what the streaming landscape will look like in 2019.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


The Beachcombers

Tim has praise for “Wanderlust,” which premieres next Friday on Netflix, and we spend some time discussing the advantages of TV as a writer’s medium in an era where visual flourishes are competing more with traditional storytelling. Also, last week we opened a can of worms as large as the Tasman Sea, and New Zealand has had enough!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Bears and No Tent

Tim returns from Vancouver with stories about Mike Schur and other showrunners, we've got a review of HBO's "Camping", and Apple risks losing out on key creators by getting a reputation as "expensive NBC."

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Heroin Made of Nostalgia

We missed a week and the shows and letters piled up! So this week we cover Tim’s reviews of season 3 of “The Good Place”, and new shows “The Cool Kids”, “Single Parents”, “Mr Inbetween”, and “The Good Cop”. Good news, Australia, Tim likes one of your shows! Also, Jason watched “The First” and—for some reason—“Murphy Brown” and “Magnum P.I.” And we answer a lot of letters from the +44. Blimey.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Still Young, Still a Legend

Les Moonves is out at CBS, Tim’s headed to Canada to interview Mike Schur, and there’s still so… much… TV. Did you know that “Norm MacDonald Has a Show”? It’s on Netflix and it’s a train wreck. Also, “Forever” arrives at Amazon with a bunch of spoiler warnings (relax, we don’t spoil anything), and it’s worth watching. Tim also offers an advance look at Netflix’s “Maniac”, due next week. Jason reaches into The Power Rankings to pluck out “The Looming Tower” and a rewatch of “Detectorists.” And we’ve still got time to read a few letters about new shows airing in the +44 that the bloody Americans still know nothing about.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Slow Binge, Quick Binge

Things are heating up! This week we touch base again on Jim Carrey in “Kidding” before moving on to the film-festival premiere of Amazon’s “Homecoming”, directed by Sam Esmail and starring Julia Roberts. It doesn’t premiere until November, but you’ll want to mark your calendars, because Tim says it’s something special. Also, Tim and Jason review Amazon’s “Jack Ryan”, there’s a new edition of the Power Rankings, Jason gets offered screeners, and we answer your letters!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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