Tim Goodman, chief television critic for The Hollywood Reporter, talks regularly with Jason Snell about what’s going on in television, what shows to watch, and what shows to skip. This podcast is released simultaneously worldwide to all international markets for your binge-listening pleasure.

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The Best TV Shows of 2017

This is the big one—in a year with 500-plus scripted TV series, Tim walks us through his 46 top TV shows of 2017. There are some surprise additions, some old standards who have fallen down a little bit on the list, and even a few broadcast network TV series!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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Everything Smells Like an Onion

Like Santa, Tim’s making his list (of the best TV shows) and checking it twice before posting. In the meantime, though, he’s seen all of the new “Black Mirror” season! We also reflect on scaling back on social media, the role of the critic, and answer your emails.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Parts Unnain

This week we check in on terrible people in Hollywood and marvel at the Hugh Laurie TV series that nobody seems to have heard of. Jason endorses “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, “Runaways”, and “Mosaic.” Tim gives the Golden Globes some advice. And if you’re worried about catching up with the zeitgeist before the holidays, have we got a list for you.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Package Deal

We’re back with Tim’s reviews of two new British comedy imports—“Back” and “Ill Behavior”—both of which come from noble families but only one of which passes Tim’s test to become one of the great comedies of the fall. There’s also Paul Reiser’s labor of love “There’s… Johnny,” which Hulu may have accidentally acquired in a mystery box, and a fascinating feminist western from Netflix called “Godless.” We also preview Amy Sherman-Palladino’s “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” coming to Amazon later this month.

And that’s just the reviews! We’ve also got lots of follow-up about the continued fallout of terrible behavior in Hollywood, and we dive into Tim’s (apparent?) dislike for all of broadcast TV and discover how he really feels.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Gradations of Bad

Apple buys another high-profile series, “The A Word” makes its triumphant return, and then we have to talk about all the terrible news about terrible men in the entertainment industry doing terrible things. What happens next? Can we engage with art created by people who we know are terrible? Ugh.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


We’ve Columboed Ourselves

Tim and Jason are back to discuss Tim’s latest Power Rankings, the new comedy “SMILF”, and Fall TV’s surprises and mega-fails. Plus, a new nerdy TV tangent and your questions.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


It Has Its Own Taint

This week Tim’s notebook is full, as we discuss the fate of Amazon Studios after the ignominious departure of its leader, and the threat to the TV industry (or not) posed by Facebook Watch and YouTube Red. Tim also has reviews of “S.W.A.T.” and “Loudermilk”, and we answer your questions!

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Back Up the Truck

This week Tim and Jason are back from Canada! Jason quizzes Tim on his panels in Vancouver, we discuss the new season of “Mr. Robot” (Tim’s a fan!), and then dive into a discussion of the challenges Netflix and Apple face as they prepare to face off in the world of streaming video. Plus, we introduce the new Double-Columbo format for TVTM, which is sure to confuse all listeners.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Live From the Vancouver International Film Festival

Tim and Jason got together in Canada and did a podcast in front of a live studio audience, all thanks to the awesome people at VIFF, the Vancouver International Film Festival. We drank some wine and talked Canadian TV, Apple’s challenge in starting a video service, the return of Larry David to TV, the artistic challenges for filmmakers in a world of peak TV, and more—including some (quiet) questions from the audience.


Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Are There More Letters?

It’s a reviews lightning round, as Tim covers five network TV series in rapid succession. Then we talk about Tim’s Power Rankings! for top nonfiction programming. We also answer an awful lot of your emails and tweets.

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell


Kicking Their App

The box is checked early this week as Tim discusses why the entire TV industry has completely lost its mind. Directives from billionaires! Threats from CFOs! Face scanning technology from Apple! We keep it tight and bright this week but still spend a lot of time talking about a disaster of a show, “Riviera,” and almost no time on one of the best returning shows on the air, “Better Things.” Isn’t it just like us to accentuate the negative?

Tim Goodman and Jason Snell

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