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  • Defocused cover art
    Defocused November 23, 2021 Dune (2021)
    338 The Scope Is the Point

    The traveling sisterhood of the stillsuit pants.

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus November 15, 2021
    18 A Finch Flying Over the Eternal Dunes

    Time to talk about some of the bigger movies and shows that have released. Sam went out to see that new Marvel film that Moze had zero interest in. They talk that other big movie about sand and spice, you know the one. There was a hidden gem that caught the eye of both of our heroes—Apple TV+’s “Finch.” They deduced that a man, a dog and a robot can create a captivating story.

  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership November 14, 2021 “Dune” (2021)
    589 Sometimes Beige Is Beautiful

    Put on your stillsuit and prepare your sand compactor. We’re venturing out into the uncharted deserts of Arrakis with “Dune,” Denis Villeneuve’s cinematic take on the oft-filmed Frank Herbert novel. We do some comparing and contrasting with David Lynch’s version, question whether this adaptation is for fans for for people who know nothing about “Dune”, and basically stare at a bunch of big spaceships hanging in the air. Denis Villeneuve knows what we like.