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    The Incomparable Mothership September 24, 2022 “Thor: Love & Thunder”
    633 Thor Family

    Russell Crowe! Christian Bale! Natalie Portman! Are they starring in a prestige film that we’re sure to hear about when Oscar time comes around? No, it’s “Thor: Love and Thunder!” But while this movie might not be able to live up to “Thor: Ragnarok,” there are a lot of things we appreciated about it. And also some things we didn’t. It’s all about tone.

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    Biff! July 22, 2022
    148 Thor: Love & Thunder

    This episode of Biff finds our heroes dealing with loss and learning why love is always the answer. Toss in some rock’n’roll, some pointy fonts, and some colourful muppets and you’ve got a real spectacle on your hands. It’s another classic Biff adventure as we discuss Thor: Love & Thunder.

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    Biff! May 25, 2022 Thor: Love & Thunder
    140 Giant-Size Superhero Sweep #7

    As we take a break between shows, our hosts rundown the slate of upcoming MCU outings, including discussing the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer, the upcoming Ms.Marvel show, and a putative Daredevil revival.

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