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    Vulcan Hello October 21, 2021
    31 "Lower Decks" season 2 wrap-up

    Scott and Jason return, joined by a special guest to discuss season two of “Lower Decks” and a little bit about what we anticipate for “Prodigy.” Dooplers! Mugatos! And also lots of things we really liked! We’ll be back in a month or so to resume our weekly reviews of “Discovery.”

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    Vulcan Hello October 9, 2020
    16 "Lower Decks" Season 1 Wrap-Up

    Scott and Jason are getting ready for next week’s “Star Trek: Discovery” season three premiere, but before they get there, they take a little time to sum up their feelings about the just-completed first season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks.”

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    Vulcan Hello August 20, 2020
    15 An Animated Series (Lower Decks S1E1-3)

    Scott and Jason finally get a chance to check in about the first three episodes of the newest Trek animated series, “Lower Decks.” They discuss the challenges of finding a balance between comedy and canon, between character drama and reference humor. How did they react to the first out-and-out Trek comedy? Humor may be subjective, but let’s analyze some jokes anyway, people!