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    Vulcan Hello July 24, 2023
    78 "Those Old Scientists" (SNW S2E7)

    Jason and Scott return, and sooner than expected, to cover the surprise release of the “Strange New Worlds”-“Lower Decks” crossover episode. It’s full of jokes, and references, and—what’s this?—unexpected emotional heft and character nuance! Plus more jokes! Grab an Orion cocktail and pull up a chair, there’s an ancient game of Dom-jot to be played!

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    Vulcan Hello February 9, 2023
    61 "Prodigy" S1.5, "Lower Decks" S3, and "Picard" S3 anticipation

    They gave her back to us, Scotty! Jason and Scott prime the pump for next week’s “Star Trek: Picard” premiere by discussing the completed animated seasons of “Lower Decks” and “Prodigy.”

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    Vulcan Hello October 21, 2021
    31 "Lower Decks" season 2 wrap-up

    Scott and Jason return, joined by a special guest to discuss season two of “Lower Decks” and a little bit about what we anticipate for “Prodigy.” Dooplers! Mugatos! And also lots of things we really liked! We’ll be back in a month or so to resume our weekly reviews of “Discovery.”

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    Vulcan Hello October 9, 2020
    16 "Lower Decks" Season 1 Wrap-Up

    Scott and Jason are getting ready for next week’s “Star Trek: Discovery” season three premiere, but before they get there, they take a little time to sum up their feelings about the just-completed first season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks.”

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    Vulcan Hello August 20, 2020
    15 An Animated Series (Lower Decks S1E1-3)

    Scott and Jason finally get a chance to check in about the first three episodes of the newest Trek animated series, “Lower Decks.” They discuss the challenges of finding a balance between comedy and canon, between character drama and reference humor. How did they react to the first out-and-out Trek comedy? Humor may be subjective, but let’s analyze some jokes anyway, people!