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    Biff! July 19, 2019 Agents of SHIELD Season 6, Episode 9
    8 Agents of SHIELD S6E9: "Collision Course (Part II)"

    Better late than never! Everything comes to a head this week as our team seeks to stop the end of an entire world. Oh, and in Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD too. Important discussions include the size of Henry Simmons’s arms, why you should always suspect the person who takes an impromptu nap, and that friendly baker we’ll all miss. Plus, we discuss the late breaking news about SHIELD’s upcoming final season.

    Then in the this week’s Superhero Sweep we gird ourselves for the upcoming final season of Arrow, details of which are beginning to leak out, and discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home and its implications for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And a special matrimonial Letters Page.

    We’re still offering fabulous shirts, should your old ones be getting a little threadbare.

    Agents of SHIELD, Season 6, Episode 9

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    The Incomparable Mothership July 13, 2019 “Spider-Man: Far From Home”
    469 Snap, Blip, Pop, Crackle

    Fresh from the theater, we tackle “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” We consider the lighter side of the death and resurrection of billions of people, the unique position this Spider-Man has in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the value of various surrogate dads. We’re also surprised at how interesting Mysterio turned out to be despite the fact that he’s Mysterio.