In The Village: Teaser - The Prisoner (2009)

Steven and Erika are back for a quick “thank you” to all our listeners and to tell you a bit about our thoughts on “Arrival”, the first episode of the 2009 AMC miniseries. We also point you over to the First Class Lounge feed for Incomparable members, where you can hear even more!

In The Village: “Fall Out”

Erika and Steven fall out over the way The Prisoner ends, but have enjoyed doing this podcast very much indeed.

Be seeing you?

In The Village: “Once upon a Time”

Steven and Erika have made it to the penultimate episode of The Prisoner. Once upon a time, Erika enjoyed this show…

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In The Village: “The Girl Who Was Death”

Erika and Steven DISAGREE. Like, a lot. Mostly because Erika doesn’t like fun.

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In The Village: Nicholas Briggs Interview

In November, 2017, Steven and Erika attended L.I. Who (Long Island’s Doctor Who convention) and took the opportunity to sit down with Nicholas Briggs. You may know Nick as the voice of the Daleks, but he is also executive producer at Big Finish Productions. We grill him about Big Finish’s audio re-imagining of The Prisoner and his personal history with the show.

Two words: Orange Rover.

In The Village: “Living in Harmony”

Steven and Erika go on for quite a while about this unique episode of a unique series. Welcome to the old west — a place Erika doesn’t generally like to find herself, but The Prisoner breaks all the rules!

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In The Village: “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling”

Erika and Steven dig into what’s almost an AU episode of The Prisoner. It doesn’t really fit the continuity of the show, but does that matter? Not when it’s an episode this interesting.

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In The Village: “A Change of Mind”

Steven and Erika watch another episode of The Prisoner. There was no change of mind for Erika since the last time she watched this one. Sadly.

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In The Village: “It’s Your Funeral”

Erika and Steven discuss multiple theories about multiple number 2s. And Erika disagrees with received fan wisdom (to no one’s surprise). She also gets to use the word “oleaginous”, which is always a good time.

Be seeing you!

In The Village: “Hammer into Anvil”

Steven and Erika enjoy seeing our hero succeed at something for a change. And to do it so deviously? Lovely. Lovely enough to forgive the lack of cosplay options.

And Steven was right; “It’s Your Funeral” is the next ep.

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In The Village: “Checkmate”

Erika and Steven discuss one of the more straightforward episodes of The Prisoner. Straightforwardly.

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In The Village: “Dance of the Dead”

Steven and Erika try (and largely fail) to make sense of “Dance of the Dead”, but we have many reasons why this episode should be earlier and later than “Many Happy Returns” (not to mention many other eps).

At least there are lovely costumes to look at!

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In The Village: “Many Happy Returns”

Erika and Steven return to The Village to talk about one of their favorite episodes of the whole series. Does it accomplish anything? Does that even matter?

We also uncover “the flapjack agenda”. We’re going way down the rabbit hole on this one.

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In The Village: “The General”

Steven and Erika get very specific about “The General”. Down with scary computers and rote learning! Up with drapes and top hats and sunglasses!

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In The Village: “The Schizoid Man”

Erika and Steven are pretty sure who they are, but not entirely sure how and why everything in this episode happens as it does. Ready for some headcanon? Because we have some to spare. Just like with number 6’s, two headcanons are better than one?

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In The Village: “Free For All”

Steven and Erika provide a PSA on the importance of checking your microphone input fully and thoroughly before recording. Just because you’re hearing your voices through headphones that are plugged into the mic, it doesn’t mean that mic is the one picking up the voices.

But we stayed on brand (lazy) and didn’t re-record — just switched to the proper mic as soon as the problem became apparent. It required slightly less laziness to piece those bits together and make them usable, but as fancy professional podcasters, this didn’t take a terribly unreasonable effort.

Please feel free to call an election for alternative podcast hosts if you’d like. We here In The Village are all about fostering democratic choice. Just be careful about whom you choose to run against us. Some candidates have ideas of their own and are distressingly hard to control.

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In The Village: “A. B. and C.”

Erika and Steven finally talk about one of the most important aspects of the entire show: the font. Also, about the deep insight we get into the mind of our hero — without actually learning anything beyond how formidable an opponent he can be.

And Erika remembers her segment in which she determines the outfit she’d most like to cosplay from this episode. Lots of party dresses to choose from in this one, but her selection may surprise you. It sure did Steven!

Be seeing you!


In The Village: “The Chimes of Big Ben”

Steven and Erika are homesick (visitor-sick? tourist-sick?) for London. Though maybe not as much as our hero. But look where that gets him.

The controversy over the “proper” viewing order for The Prisoner are starting already. Erika has feelings about this episode’s placement and does not hold back. Do you know where it slotted in the Canadian run? You’ll plotz.

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In The Village: “Arrival”

Erika and Steven find themselves in The Village, along with a dashing, confused, bemused, resourceful super-spy. The 60s are swinging, and so is our hero’s sense of whom he can trust.

Your hosts, however, know we can trust this series to entertain them right out of their socks. We are thrilled to be rewatching and even more thrilled to have you along for the ride!

Happy 50th anniversary to this beloved programme!

Be seeing you!


In The Village: Introduction

Steven and Erika of Lazy Doctor Who fame(?) launch a new effort covering the colourful, psychadelic, trippy, wtf-is-happening spy-fi series that is 1967’s The Prisoner.

The world premiere of The Prisoner happened 50 years ago today — in Canada, of all places! Despite this bit of our national heritage, we’ll release our episodes 50 years after each one aired in the UK. So expect the first proper In The Village ep to cover “Arrival” on the 50th anniversary of its UK premiere: September 29.

Yes, we’ll be watching in the original UK airing order. Do you have a problem with that? Well, you’re not alone. Don’t worry. We’ll cover this additional odd aspect of an already odd show.

We hope you’ll join us and enjoy. If you don’t, then blame the Lazy Doctor Who listeners who asked for it. Be careful what you wish for!

Be seeing you!