“Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” (S2E2)

Yes, a lot happens in this episode: Sarah finds Kira; Helena is whisked out of the hospital by a flying-fish-belt-buckle-wearing dude; Alison finds shocking messages on Donnie’s phone and immediately resumes drinking. But the most important thing we learn: Do NOT doublecross Mrs. S., especially when sharp cutlery is handy.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Nature Under Constraint and Vexed” (S2E1)

We are back for Season 2! Kira and Mrs. S are missing, but who has them? Is it the cool elegant evil Rachel or the wild-eyed guy trying to capture Sarah in the diner who wears a Prolethean flying fish belt buckle? Meanwhile, Alison is promoted to lead in her community theater musical, while simultaneously procuring a clean piece for Sarah.

How do you convince your friends to watch Orphan Black? Jean and Kathy talk about their recruitment strategies. It’s hard to avoid spoilers!

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Endless Forms Most Beautiful” (S1E10)

A satisfying season finale, despite its cliffhanger ending. Cosima and Delphine unravel the secret encoding in the clones’ DNA. Alison takes care of her Aynsley problem. Helena has mother issues. Sarah has sister issues. And finally we learn how “sestra” became the favored term of endearment on Orphan Black.

Sestras, brother-sestras, sibling-sestras: thanks for listening to our Season 1 (re)watch. Jean and Kathy look forward to bringing you Season 2!

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Unconscious Selection” (S1E9)

Revelations, revelations, revelations. Sarah finds out why she and Helena feel a connection. Cosima learns the hard way that she can’t trust Delphine. Alison spills the beans on Aynsley. Art discovers who really died that night on the train platform. With the introduction of one more mysterious woman, the stage is set for a dramatic season finale in Episode 10.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Entangled Bank” (S1E8)

Alison uses Chad to get back at Aynsley. Delphine uses Cosima to get info for Leekie. Mrs. S. uses tea to comfort her expanding brood. We use a lot of tissues. Kathy needs a hug after this one.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner” (S1E7)

From last episode’s twisted yet lighthearted romp, we delve deep into the basement of depravity and evil. One “part” in particular has us totally cringing. On the other hand, it looks like romance is budding, and that makes us happy.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Variations Under Domestication” (S1E6)

Jean and Kathy welcome their first special guest, Jason Snell, founder of The Incomparable Network. Jason told us that “Variations Under Domestication” is his favorite episode of Orphan Black, and now it’s one of our favorites too. This is the episode where we first learn of Neolution. We imagine what the reception would be like to a TED talk given by Neolutionist ringleader Dr. Aldous Leekie (played by one of our favorites, Matt Frewer). And we are immersed in the crazy suburban farce where a golf club, a glue gun, and a burnt sausage roll can all be used as a weapon of retaliation.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell with Jason Snell


“Conditions of Existence” (S1E5)

Jean and Kathy get new answers, but that only leads them to new questions. Paul is definitely monitoring Beth/Sarah, but why? Donnie is definitely keeping secrets from Alison, but what? And did you know that DNA can have barcodes?

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Effects of External Conditions” (S1E4)

Kathy and Jean marvel at how much can happen in one episode that’s only 44 minutes long. Alison pretends to be Sarah, Sarah pretends to be Beth, and even homicidal maniac Helena manages to play a convincing Beth. Somehow Felix still gets the best lines.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Variation Under Nature” (S1E3)

We can use the “c-word” now, but our heroines wish they could find a new label for themselves. The mysterious assassin is revealed, but that raises even more questions. Your hosts know way more about TV police procedure than poor Sarah, but resolve not to be overly picky. Felix is our new favorite babysitter.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Instinct” (S1E2)

While cataloguing favorite Felix quotes, Jean and Kathy watch Sarah become more entangled in the mystery of her apparently identical twins.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell


“Natural Selection” (S1E1)

We kick off our new podcast series with a comprehensive review of the premiere episode. In particular, we analyze the stunning opening scene, two and a half minutes of television guaranteed to hook the viewer on the Orphan Black.

Jean MacDonald and Kathy Campbell