SestraCast #51 March 13, 2019
Orphan Black Series Wrap-Up

Series Wrap-up: Sestras Are Forever

Jean and Kathy get together for a look back at their experiences of the series Orphan Black. We have had such a lovely time getting to know each other through our shared love for this show and its characters. Did the show live up to Kathy’s expectations? What’s it like not to binge watch this show? How do we introduce this show to others?

This may not be goodbye forever. We have a couple ideas for some fun one-off shows to do for Orphan Black fans. And after we recorded this, AMC announced they have a new Orphan Black series in development.

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Show Notes

Protest by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, source of the Season 5 episode titles. Read this poem, it’s short and it’s great.

Orphan Black Science Recap on the website The Mary Sue. Thank you, Nina Nesseth and Casey Griffin for breaking down all the crazy science in every episode.

A special parting gift to our listeners: Jean and Kathy Watch Orphan Black’s First Episode: a commentary track we recorded together. Cue this up and watch the episode with us! It will be like you are sitting right there on the couch.