SestraCast #14 December 30, 2017
Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 4

“Governed As It Were By Chance” (S2E4)

The blood really hits the fan in this episode. Alison is locked up in rehab. Helena escapes from the Proletheans. Sarah tries to figure out what Mrs. S. has been up to. We can hardly contain ourselves when we get to the scene of badass beautiful Mrs. S. tracking down an old flame in a dive bar. Another amazing episode!

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Show Notes

YouTube: Rita Mae Young by The Record Company. (Must watch! Amazing song in this episode for Mrs. S. making her entrance at the dive bar, and amazing video with hula hoop artist)

Krav Maga (Wikipedia)

HIMYM S1E4: Turns out, krav maga is not a type of yoga.