Beginner's Puck #49 January 9, 2023
NHL Accountability and World Juniors

Here’s How We’re Going to Do It

Are our favorite teams still saddled with Problematic Players? You bet. Are we tired of these things keeping us from the game we love? One Hundred Percent!

In this episode we work our way through and beyond the messiness and get back to the joy of the sport. We catch up on our teams, make a (very) small case for Torts being the right coach for Philly and how World Juniors hit a bit different in Canada this year. We give props to Boston for their “man, we really screwed up and we have a plan to fix that” after the Mitchell Miller Debacle. (And yes, our fingers are crossed it’s not just performative.)

In short, hockey is still a beautiful game and we miss talking about it so here’s how we’re going to do it…by finding our hockey joy wherever we can. We hope you join us!

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