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Beginner's Puck #46 September 27, 2021
Catching Up & COVID (Attendance) Protocols

Off-season Moves and Bagging on Bags

It’s all happening now. Teams are shaking it up and shaking it down, skates are on ice, and we’re weeks away from the official start of the 2021-2022 season. Deb and Erika work through our varying degrees of excitement both at what’s happened over a very active summer and what we’re (sorta) looking forward to this season. Of course we’ll all be going in empty handed thanks to the new NHL bag policy but hey…it’s like they say: Hockey is for Everyone…Who Has Pockets.

In this episode’s “What the Puck” we discuss the NHL COVID policy and how that could affect teams with unvaccinated players. Finally, Erika announces a project that will help newbie fans work through our back catalog.

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