Beginner's Puck #42 July 25, 2020

Hockey Gets Kraken

So much has happened since we last chatted in May: there’s Kraken and bubbles and some shady Byng-ing going on. Deb and Erika reach waaaaay back and talks about the Draft Lottery, how the US couldn’t keep their #%@^ masks on and lost a hub, as well as the NHL awards that will be awarded who knows when. What even in time?! throws hands

Erika gives us some perspective on what we can expect in a hub city given that she, you know, lives in one. We also talk about our conflict over how excited we are that hockey is back and just how stupid it is that hockey is back. Look, we are complex people and can hold multiple, simultaneous opinions, okay?

Finally, in our delightful little hockey tidbit, Deb introduces you all to Gritty’s 1/4 hour of power. It’s good, clean, dumb fun and who doesn’t need that?

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