Voyager Revisited #12 March 23, 2020
Season 3 Episode 12 Macrocosm

Janeway vs. the Three-Armed Jellyfish

Why spend all our time watching a virus on the news when we could watch a virus on Voyager? A virus that mutates and grows to be huge. Bonus: our Captain really kicks virus ass. If only we had antigen bombs in the 21st century. Joe Rosensteel is here to wade through the gooey moments of this Alien-style scary story.

Is this an escapist romp suitable for self-quarantine viewing, or a bit too close to home? It depends on how much you’ll enjoy a bad ass Janeway in a tank top blasting these viruses into smithereens!

We wish all our listeners, as the Tak Tak say, “Good health. Strong body. Pure mind.”

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