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Unjustly Maligned 28: "Garfield" with Scott Kurtz

Bestselling cartoonist Scott Kurtz joins Antony to explain why the cat everyone loves to hate is unjustly maligned, how Jim Davis inspired his own career, and why topical gags are overrated.

Antony Johnston with Scott Kurtz

The Incomparable 22: Stephen Fry (Does Not Appear)

Recorded live and in person before a studio audience (of one)! We discuss Stephen Fry, Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Sean Connery, Scottish accents, corpulent detectives, V for Vendetta, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury, Solaris, The Fountain, Garfield, “in medias res” movie conceits, Doctor Who special effects, our favorite TV shows of all time (including Buffy, Max Headroom, Sports Night, Spaced, Smack the Pony, and the Rockford Files), The Middleman, Kevin Sorbo, Gene Roddenberry’s posthumous oeuvre, and why Steven Spielberg can’t make a good TV show. Also: the debut of the Spoiler Quack.

Jason Snell with Dan Moren, Glenn Fleishman and Serenity Caldwell