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  • The Incomparable Mothership cover art
    The Incomparable Mothership April 1, 2023 “The Last Of Us” (HBO)
    659 Infested With Love

    Grab a backpack and get ready to siphon some gas—we’re setting out from the safe zone on a quest to find opinions about the first season of HBO’s video game adaptation, “The Last of Us.”

  • Agents of SMOOCH cover art
    Agents of SMOOCH March 31, 2023 The Last of Us
    97 Devasting Romance Only

    Most of our Agents aren’t fans of Zombies or horror but somehow The Last of Us television series kept them tuning in each episode. If you’ve been with us for a while, you already know why: it was love. Join us as we explore the romantic love, platonic love, parental love, and twisted love that is motivating the action and the characters within this series.

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus February 21, 2023
    31 The Kang of Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis

    Yeah, we’re looking looking at the past two Joel and Ellie shows to dig deep into the show versus the game. Sam is now on the gaming bandwagon of pain. Sam also gives Moze a spoiler-rich Q&A about that quantum leap Marvel film. Moze gets educated on a potential gem about werewolves.

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus February 1, 2023
    30 The last of Ron Swanson (just don't tell Otto)

    We focus our efforts on the new show that everyone wants to talk about, you know the one, the Joel and Ellie show. The fleshing out of the game narrative is a challenge. Is this storytelling working or is Neil Druckman causing contention as he did with Naughty Dog’s franchise?

  • Watchers of the Plus cover art
    Watchers of the Plus January 24, 2023
    29 What Happened to The Last of Us in 2022?

    Sam gets nuts with a look at what was good and what was challenged in 2022. We renegotiate our format to start talking about HBO’s “The Last of Us,” a potential palate cleanser for the dawn of 2023. #RIPJayBriscoe